Sprint to the Finish

I had quasi-grand plans to post a lot more in November. But the best laid plans of mice and men, etc. So here we are, exactly a month after I last posted. Let's see what's been going on, shall we?

What I'm Drinking:

What's more interesting is what I'm NOT drinking, and that's coffee. I was a solid two-cups-a-day gal and this fall took it down to one-cup-a-day (we all remember how much I love my Trader Joe's Cold Brew). Well, a few weeks ago I was working from home and out of coffee and didn't feel like venturing downstairs to the fancy machine in my building's lobby, so I just went without. And, whoa, was I tired by 4 p.m. But it wasn't too bad. And I slept really well. And the next day at work, I didn't have any, just to see what would happen. And suddenly, here we are, two weeks later, and nary a cup of joe in my system.

Now, I don't have anything against coffee. I don't think it shortens or lengthens our lifespans. But I have noticed a big difference in my sleep--I fall asleep faster, and sleep more soundly (my Jawbone attests to all of this). Even on days when I am supes tired (like today, le sigh), I still find I can manage without coffee. So, we'll see how long I can ride this train?

What I'm Reminiscing About:

Oh, so many things. That time my college went to its first bowl game in decades and won despite the odds. My old office holiday parties (which sometimes got a little crazy and where I won an iPod, TV, and iPad, not all in the same year). Christmas traditions with friends and family. Holiday trips with my first company here in DC (a resort and Disney World, this year they're going to VEGAS. I would not survive). Holidays when I was dating someone. Holidays when I had five weeks off from school (senior year of college, never forget). Holidays when I moved apartments. Taking the family dog to get pictures with Santa (the last photo showing me and my parents laughing hysterically while the dog looks like he's being tortured). Sooooo, holidays?

What I'm Loving:

Holiday festivities (with nary an Ugly Sweater Party!). I feel like it all kicks off a with good friend's wedding next week in Texas (hitting that state twice in a month, y'all!) and other holiday shenanigans in the city. I may even pop by the White House Christmas tree at some point!

What I've Been Up To:

November ended up being a great month. I had a few quiet weekends, which were much needed. My parents visited the second weekend, and we joined my alumni group for the Navy game in Annapolis (which we lost, but man, Navy games are so much fun in person). It's always fun to show them a slice of my DC life.

My roommate and I decided to host Thanksgiving at our place for friends who also decided to stay in town this year. I had so much fun planning my "tablescape" and farming out the cooking to others (I did still make a side and a dessert, but focused on the apartment the rest of the time). We had a great group for dinner and some more join after for drinks and dessert. Though I don't know how some people host the entire thing--as in cook everything and have people spend the night, etc. I felt really busy (but not too stressed) and I feel like I did the bare minimum. And this video about hosting is the BEST.

On Black Friday, a group of friends and I went to a lake house in Virginia. A weekend of hot tubbing, drinking games, Cash Cab marathons, and watching High School Musical on an iPhone. It was a lovely relaxing time.

What I'm Dreading:

Gift-buying for my parents. We are a "list" family, and they always share their Christmas wants at the last possible moment. This really annoys me, as I think its disrespectful of people's time (and yes, I do need to lighten up on this). I'm also really over the accumulation of stuff (as my recent purges have shown, I have way too much stuff I just don't care about), so when I get a list asking for DVDs and books that will get read or watched once and then tossed aside, I'm hesitant to indulge. But that makes me feel like such a grinch.

Also, holiday travel in general. As many of my friends know, I have TERRIBLE flight luck. And I'm flying home later this year than most years, so I'm hoping I don't spend my days before Christmas trying to get out of Dodge (or into Dodge, as Dallas is predicting snow this December. YAYS).

What I'm Excited About:

My 2016 travels! Trips are starting to hit the calendar with friends for the first half of the year. Add in a few work trips, and it looks like I'll be getting a lot of use out of my TSA Precheck. Time to burn some of those points I racked up last year!

What I'm Listening To:

Am I the only person NOT listening to Adele? I'll get around to it at some point, but not dying to listen to the whole album at once. No new podcasts on the docket this month, but I did listen to a great episode of Gilmore Guys where they interview Rose Abdoo, who played Gypsy (the town car mechanic) on GG. She's been in so many TV shows and is the most delightful interview subject. I've listened to a few of their interviews with cast members, and she comes across as the friendliest and most laid-back, and there is such a difference in the hosts' manner and reactions to her. They sound so tickled by her the whole time.

What I'm Watching/Reading:

2011 called, it wants it's TV back. That's my way of saying I finally started watching Homeland.

I finished season 2 yesterday and am now taking a bit of a break. Homeland can be a bit much at times, and given that I live in the city it's set in, and in the show that city is crawling with terrorists and has bombs going off more than once, I need to not spiral fully into paranoia every time I step outside. But, man, they have twists I don't see coming, and I just love Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) so very much. This show kind of reminds me of Alias in the sense of a heroine who seems to be able to solve and do things that no one else can. And the twists. Oh, the twists. 

And for my book club, this month we're reading about a lady I really didn't pay much attention to until a few years ago:

Since Sandra Day O'Connor and I might be related, I've always gravitated to learning more about her (like how she and former Chief Justice Rehnquist were besties long before she was on the court). But this new graphic novel about RBG has made me so fascinated by her and her life. She persevered through a variety of hurdles--being a woman in law school, being a pregnant law professor, trying to get a job as a lawyer when some firms only hired one woman and called it good. How Bill Clinton almost didn't nominate her for the Supreme Court, but what a refreshing perspective she brings to it. And don't get me started on her modern relationship with her husband of 56 years (now deceased). I really hope I run into her out and about in this city. 

What I'm doing this Weekend:

Well, I think I may hermit this Friday night as it's my last free weekend night of the year (yoga! pajamas! bed early!). Saturday will be a day out with my Greece travel companions and hopefully another night of good sleep (party animal, y'all!). On Sunday I'm hosting "Coffee and Conversation" at church (which is our snack time after service), so I'll be at the grocery store bright and early buying all the cheese plates and veggie platters. Then hitting up a surprise party for a friend's boyfriend, and maybe getting some more sleep? 


  1. Yayee for fun trips! You do go on the best ones.
    When Rob gave up coffee it completely changed his mood (for the better), how he slept, etc. He hasn't looked back!


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