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Haul Out the Holly

Oh, what a busy holiday season this has been. My last post was entitled "Spring to the Finish", and it couldn't be more true. Luckily, everything this month has been so much fun--short trip to Dallas for a wedding, seeing lots of friends that weekend, five Christmas parties (two in one night, yikes!), ZooLights at the National Zoo, and getting ready to see Bei Bei, the new panda, early because I'm a Zoo member.
So, I don't have time for a Christmas recap post. But I realized I did a pretty dang good job in 2013 recapping my holiday faves. So here are links to those posts (and apologies for blank spaces and broken links, apparently some things don't get better with time, Blogger)
My Favorite Christmas Commercials

My Favorite Christmas Songs

"Kiddie" Christmas Movies

Classic Christmas Movies

Chick Flick Christmas Movies

Christmas Traditions

Sprint to the Finish

I had quasi-grand plans to post a lot more in November. But the best laid plans of mice and men, etc. So here we are, exactly a month after I last posted. Let's see what's been going on, shall we?

What I'm Drinking:

What's more interesting is what I'm NOT drinking, and that's coffee. I was a solid two-cups-a-day gal and this fall took it down to one-cup-a-day (we all remember how much I love my Trader Joe's Cold Brew). Well, a few weeks ago I was working from home and out of coffee and didn't feel like venturing downstairs to the fancy machine in my building's lobby, so I just went without. And, whoa, was I tired by 4 p.m. But it wasn't too bad. And I slept really well. And the next day at work, I didn't have any, just to see what would happen. And suddenly, here we are, two weeks later, and nary a cup of joe in my system.

Now, I don't have anything against coffee. I don't think it shortens or lengthens our lifespans. But I have notic…