November, I Love You

It may seem odd that November is one of my favorite months. Nothing super notable in my life has ever happened in November. My birthday isn't this month. I think I went to Hawaii in November in 2008? That counts for something?

But, hot damn, I love this month so much. The exciting ramp up to the holiday season, but before you're sick of hearing Jingle Bell Rock and stressed about presents for people. It has my favorite holiday--Thanksgiving (oh wait for the Thanksgiving posts, y'all!). Some of my favorite people were born this month (most notably, my grandmother, who's birthday celebration was the one time a year the entire family was guaranteed to get together. I usually got to sit next to Nana at her dinner, sorry bout it, cousins and, you know, her ACTUAL children).

This month features lots of time in town with my friends, and I'm going to relish it. Here's a snapshot of life right now (adapted from "What's Up Wednesday" found at Life as the Mrs.)

What I'm Eating This Week:
Nothing too exciting, as I have no meals out on the docket for this week. I've actually created a meal plan in Google Docs to streamline my grocery shopping and eyeball when I actually need meals (case in point, I had lunch and dinner plans last Wednesday, so only needed breakfast). I also realized I need to have healthy snack options available since I can't really go from noon until 8 p.m. without SOMETHING. My meal plan has helped me ensure I always have a snack in mind and available.

What I'm Drinking:
All the red red wine. Winding down on my Oktoberfest beers (don't worry, I had a LOT of them). And relishing that it's the season for my fall cocktail.

What I'm Reminiscing About:
Thanks to Facebook's handy/creepy/depressing/nostalgic "On This Day" app, I can tell you! I spent several Halloweens in Houston with college friends, riding a school bus around town to various bars. We planned for this for MONTHS, I usually bought my plane ticket in July, and often had group costumes (or maybe we only did that once?). Memories were made, some memories were erased by booze, and more than one person had to depart for home early. I honestly don't think I have the stamina for that outing anymore, but it was fun times nonetheless.

What I'm Loving:
My apartment. After living in the same one for 2 1/2 years (the longest I've ever lived at the same address since college!), I finally decided to fix some of the quirks that have annoyed me. My apartment is a bit unique in that it's a true one-bedroom, but the living room was cut in half to make it a two-bedroom (it was a big one-bedroom and likely was too pricey for one person to rent on their own). I live in the "fake" room, which means I have no closet in my room (instead I use the big walk-in by our front door). Our bathroom has ZERO storage, and our kitchen has very little counter space (man, I think back to my last apartment in Dallas with counter space and an island and an enormous bathroom with all the storage and granite countertops and a reserved parking space and now I'm sad . . .).

Anyways, my roommate and I have been on an apartment rehab frenzy.

--We bought a bar cart and moved our microwave to that (it sits just outside the kitchen now, but we have so much more counterspace now!), added a wine rack above it.
--Added shelves to our kitchen above where the microwave was, and next to our cabinet units for cooking oil and frequently used spices.
--Adding a shelf in the bathroom where we'll add baskets for storing items (I can't wait to keep my razors IN THE BATHROOM).

--I moved a small IKEA bookshelf to my closet to hold shoes
--Added IKEA Hemnes shelf for my room, which now holds the books and such that were on the small bookshelf.
--My cousin brought me a rug that he's been storing for almost two years, so now my room is way cozier.
--Hung up some art that's been waiting for it for a few years.

Closet: I really wish there was a before and after photo of this. I have a lot of high-up shelving in my closet, but some of it is wasted space, or was not being utilized well.
--I added a spice rack to my closet to hang scarves
--Installed a rack with hooks to hang tote bags (of which I have WAY too many. No more totes for gifts, please!)
--broke down boxes for various appliances, moved some other things into boxes, and rearranged shelves

We still have a few more things we want to do--namely a gallery wall somewhere in our place, but it's looking loads better and I just feel a little giddy when I walk in now.

What I've Been Up To:
Traveling to NYC for Halloween. Visited a dear DC friend who moved to Brooklyn (my first time in this borough!) and went out in West Village on Saturday night. I learned that I am too old for bar-hopping, especially around NYC, but it was certainly a sight to see. There was public vomiting, public urination, a street fight that included a chair being thrown, and a subway dance party (felt like a movie--a crowded, drunk, sweaty, movie). I got approx. 8 hours of sleep the whole weekend, so I'm currently mainlining coffee and wishing naptime was still a thing.

What I'm Dreading:
Honestly, winter? My two DC winters have been on the colder side of normal for this city, and I hate not knowing what this one will be like. Will we get lots of snow? Little snow but bitter cold? At least I got a new coat.

What I'm Excited About:
My parents are visiting in ten days, their first visit this year, and I'm excited for them to see DC in the fall! We're also going to the SMU-Navy game in Annapolis with fellow alums, so it should be a fun time!

What I'm Listening To:
Two new podcasts have made their way into my rotation: The Nerdist (long-form convo-interviews with celebrities. Super casual and a lot of fun, the best one I've heard so far is Scott Weinger, who played Steve on Full House and was the voice of Aladdin. But I highly recommend the Allison Janney one for my fellow West Wing fans) and Working, a Slate podcast that is actually not creating new episodes. It asks people in a particular profession to describe a typical workday and how they got into that career. I've listened to some good ones about matchmaking, being a school principal, and being Stephen Colbert (their inaugural episode, from when The Colbert Report was still on).

What I'm Wearing:
It's my favorite time of year in terms of clothing. So lots of leggings, long sweaters, riding boots, and puffy vests.

What I'm Watching/Reading:
Thanks to now having Showtime, I've been watching The Affair, which is really well done. A very realistic portrait of how someone unexpectedly has an affair and the damage this does to the lives of everyone (and also how the person having the affair isn't necessarily a terrible person). There's also a mystery inter-woven throughout the first and second season (which is in progress right now), so it has more to it than just jilted spouses and a lot of guilt. Plus, Joshua Jackson is in it! And is SO good! Way to go, Pacey/Charlie.

And I'm in a book club! We're reading Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff which seems to be the It Book right now (at least in DC, where our NPR station talks about it nonstop).

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Having a rare quiet weekend in town so not too much planned yet. I will be volunteering at a half-marathon this weekend that two of my friends are running, excited to cheer them and the other runners on! Any sign ideas? I have a few in mind. 


  1. Leggings, boots and long sweater are all I wear in the fall and winter. I call it my uniform. I lived in the 'fake" room in two different apartments in NYC. When i bought my house I was SO happy to have a closet in my room. It's the little things :) May have to steal this post since I am kind of brain dead to figure out any content.

    1. I look forward to a closet in my room and in-home laundry. One day! And yes, I adapted this from a blog link-up my friend does (now credited in this post). Love these things when I can't think of anything to post.


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