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November, I Love You

It may seem odd that November is one of my favorite months. Nothing super notable in my life has ever happened in November. My birthday isn't this month. I think I went to Hawaii in November in 2008? That counts for something?

But, hot damn, I love this month so much. The exciting ramp up to the holiday season, but before you're sick of hearing Jingle Bell Rock and stressed about presents for people. It has my favorite holiday--Thanksgiving (oh wait for the Thanksgiving posts, y'all!). Some of my favorite people were born this month (most notably, my grandmother, who's birthday celebration was the one time a year the entire family was guaranteed to get together. I usually got to sit next to Nana at her dinner, sorry bout it, cousins and, you know, her ACTUAL children).

This month features lots of time in town with my friends, and I'm going to relish it. Here's a snapshot of life right now (adapted from "What's Up Wednesday" found at Life as the Mr…