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A Day in the Life: 10/21/2015

I've always kind of intended on doing a "day in the life" post, but when you work a 9-5, it's not the most thrilling thing to compile (or read, haha). However, I now work from home two days a week, so thought I would show a quasi-typical day in the life when I work from home--mainly because some people are like "how do you work from home?!" and also to give a brief snapshot as to what I have going on in my life right now.

Age: 30

Date: October 21, 2015

7:55 a.m. Wake up, even though alarm is set for 8:30. I feel like I'm fighting off the beginnings of a cold, so I decided to sleep through my typical 7:30 a.m. gym class. I'll catch a noon spin class instead.

8:30 a.m.: dressed in workout clothes and have my contacts in, so it's time to get the day started. I make a breakfast bowl--spiralized sweet potato and a poached egg, but still feel a bit hungry, so I cook up a chicken apple sausage as well.

9:30 a.m.: hard at work at the high-top table I us…

Oh, I'll Follow

Yes, I saw the news. Or the rumor? That Netflix is going to revive Gilmore Girls for potentially four 90 minute episodes.

It's a rumor, but a good one. Wondering where to get started on this fantastic series? Here are a few suggestions.

Episodes to start with:

Season 2, Episode 7: Like Mother, Like Daughter--gives you a good snapshot of the major conflicts of the show--Lorelai and Rory trying to keep their small town life while also tolerating the private prep school-funded-by-formerly-estranged-grandparents cliques and politics (also one of my favorites)

Season 1, Episode 6: Rory's Birthday Parties--the best intro episode into the tight-knit (and from a psychological perspective, very unhealthy) relationship between Lorelai and Rory, as well the relationship with the grandparents.

Season 2, Episode 16: There's the Rub--this is my favorite episode of the entire series. Every character in this is ON POINT.

Season 3, Episode 7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?--While most…

Addendum: What I Read--The Martian

I don't want to say too much about The Martian, because I think people should find out for themselves how good it is. It's the best book I've read this year (not that I've read many . . .) and the movie is top notch.

If you like Apollo 13, you'd like this book and movie. If you like rooting for a character, you'd like this. If you like smart humor, you'd like this. If you like books you can't put down (as in I read it in 48 hours, 16 of which I spent at work, 16 of which I spent sleeping, five of which I spent driving, eating, unpacking from Greece, etc.)

Sooooo read the book and then see the movie? Thank me later.