I've Been Everywhere, Man

Summer of #Year30 ended with boarding passes, jet lag, and a lot of great memories.

A brief rundown of my travels, some with their own posts to come:

End of July: I spent a lovely weekend at a friend's farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Her parents are the consummate hosts--they have hosting down pat. I slept in the "girls dorm", aka the attic of their house with a popped up roof that they've stuck four beds in. I swung in a hammock, passed out flash tats, went to a wine fest, took an accidental nap (went upstairs to plug my phone in, woke up an hour later), and stayed strong in the face of Bentley, the golden retriever. I also got the chance to embark on a good old-fashioned road trip. After driving so many places in Texas, it's nice to hop in the car and hit the open road every once in awhile.

Texas, early August: a work trip that I managed to also turn into a trip to see family and friends. And plenty of walks with the family dog.

Greece (own post to come): Ten days in a beautiful country with great people, great food, and postcard views everywhere.

Houston: my annual sojourn to the bayou city to see college friends. I think this was the 23rd time I've visited this place. While it's not a city I would visit on my own, it's so refreshing to catch up with old friends in person.

Vegas: A work trip to one of my favorite cities, which also meant I tried to have fun. And work. Luckily, my typical Vegas bedtime of 5 a.m. did not make an appearance on this trip. But I did learn survival tips for this city.

By numbers:

14 flights
5 time zones set foot in
10 airports visited
4 visits to ATMs in Greece (they were all working!)
350ish photos taken in Greece
1 suitcase lost (and found)
$60 spent in Athens replacing clothing in said lost luggage (and Chase Sapphire reimbursed me for it all! Yet another reason to get that card)
3 kiddos visited (they grow up so fast!)

Greece post is forthcoming, including my recommended itinerary. Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like an amazing way to kick off your 30's! I think it's the best decade and just keeps getting better!


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