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What I've Been Reading Lately

Don't get too comfy, this won't be a long post. I've read a few books since I last posted, but my kindle's screen cracked a few weeks ago, which means I'm relegated to my iPad, where I have to finish a book in 3 weeks or it gets deleted (thanks, DC library).

But, a few to mention:

The Royal We: Recommended to me by my college roommate, this book was right up my alley. It's written by the girls of Go Fug Yourself, and is essentially Kate Middleton fan fic. Imagine if Prince William was instead Prince Nicholas, and Kate Middleton was an American named Rebecca, who studies abroad at Oxford and meets, falls in love with, and gets engaged to the future king of England (I'm not spoiling anything, you know all of this in the first chapter). However, it's more than just a giddy pauper-to-princess story. It digs into the insane world a future princess is thrust into, the protocols of royal life, and the psychological toll of being in the spotlight all the time.


The State of TV, Fall 2015

The new TV season has started, and really snuck up on me. I started thinking about all the shows I needed to make sure I watched, and was suddenly at a loss as to what shows were actually starting in September. So many of my "programs" don't follow a typical schedule (ahem, Game of Thrones and Veep, with April start dates) or are going to be dropped at once on Netflix (House of Cards), that I was trying to determine what shows I actually needed to pencil into my calendar.

For now, its:

The Mindy Project
The Good Wife

I also want to start watching/catch up on a few shows that have either ended or are well into their run:

The Americans
Black Mirror
The Wire
30 Rock (I know, I know)

And still find time to watch the occasional Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, and Friends rerun. Easy, right?

Get You Some Points

For those whose interest was piqued by my post about credit cards and earning points, a blogger I follow just shared his list of the best card offers out this month:

The Best Credit Card Bonus Offers for September: Jump Start Your Mileage Balance Quickly

Of particular interest to me? The Citi Prestige Card (yes it has a high annual fee, but if you get the $250 airline credit twice in a year, you've paid for itself) and the British Airways Signature Visa (low minimum spend and the opp to earn many more miles!).

Go forth and earn thy points!

I've Been Everywhere, Man

Summer of #Year30 ended with boarding passes, jet lag, and a lot of great memories.

A brief rundown of my travels, some with their own posts to come:

End of July: I spent a lovely weekend at a friend's farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Her parents are the consummate hosts--they have hosting down pat. I slept in the "girls dorm", aka the attic of their house with a popped up roof that they've stuck four beds in. I swung in a hammock, passed out flash tats, went to a wine fest, took an accidental nap (went upstairs to plug my phone in, woke up an hour later), and stayed strong in the face of Bentley, the golden retriever. I also got the chance to embark on a good old-fashioned road trip. After driving so many places in Texas, it's nice to hop in the car and hit the open road every once in awhile.

Texas, early August: a work trip that I managed to also turn into a trip to see family and friends. And plenty of walks with the family dog.

Greece (own post to come): Ten days …