The Back Half of Summer 2015

Growing up in Texas, school supplies hit the shelves once the Fourth of July is over. Some school districts would start in early August, so the last part of July was when all the back-to-school ramp-up happened--clothes shopping, last vacations, etc.

Living on the East Coast, summer truly does last until Labor Day. Schools in Virginia start after Labor Day due to the King's Dominion law (which you should really read about, its hilarious). So I feel like I still have a large swath of the summer stretching before me.

One thing that had been on my calendar since January occurred this past weekend. A good friend from college, and my point of contact into my fantastic friend group here, celebrated her 30th birthday with an away weekend at a farmhouse in Virginia. Thirty of us spent the weekend grilling out, drinking, swimming, drinking, slip-n-sliding, drinking, glow-stick dancing, drinking, campfiring, drinking, and making runs to the Giant for, um, more beer. Despite all the imbibing, it was really such a mature adult weekend. We ate real food, with people signing up to cook different meals (had amazing stirfry and fajitas, as well as the best brunches ever for all the, um, recovery that was necessary). We set up sunblock application stations, with everyone helping each other get the hard-to-reach places. We cleaned up as we went along. We broke ONE beer bottle. We made fancy desserts. We held a workout bootcamp (which, ok, one participant left to vomit, and I sweated tequila for the first 10 minutes, but still, we survived!).

Now that this weekend is over, looking at what's left on my #Year30Summer List:

--Hopefully a tubing trip, the weather has not been kind to us lately.
--A weekend at another farmhouse, complete with a wine festival
--An outdoor movie. Can't believe I haven't done this yet this summer!!
--A party dedicated to Jorts.
--Hopefully a trip home for work/to celebrate my birthday with Texas friends and family
--Many more Nats games
--Seeing this lady in concert (and hoping she sings Red, though I kind of doubt it)
--Maybe seeing these guys in concert
--Filling my Passport 
--Using euros and not drachma when I visit this place

--Capping it all off with my annual trip to Houston

So, #Year30Summer, I'm looking forward to the rest of you. Let's make it a good one.


  1. Party dedicated to jorts is amazing. I once broke up with a guy because he had jorts. Never saw him in them, I just knew he had them. Ha.

    The farmhouse sounds like a perfect summer weekend.

    And jealous of your passport stamping.


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