Summer Movies: A Mindset

As evidenced by my posts about the Oscars and Oscar parties, I like movies. A lot. My favorite part of seeing movies in the theater are the previews for upcoming movies. I have a life goal of seeing every Oscar Best Picture winner. I created an entire game around knowing movies and the people who are in them.

This being said, what I really like are Important Movies. Movie ticket prices aren't cheap (especially in DC), so If I'm shelling out $15, I want it to be a movie that will stick with me, that I will talk about in intelligent conversation. I rarely see movies with Seth Rogan or Adam Sandler in the theater (actually, for Adam Sandler, I rarely see his movies, period).

But this year, I have been overcome by The Summer Movie. The one that is just good fun to see. The one that is entertaining and provides an escape for a few hours, and is almost instantly forgotten. The one where you are a little embarrassed to admit you saw on opening night.

This summer is different from past summers for me, in terms of movie-viewing. I recall seeing maybe two movies last summer? One was The Fault in Our Stars, which is definitely not "silly and good fun". But this summer is shaping up to be all sorts of fun:

Jurassic World: not only saw this opening night, but in 3-D! And, I loved it. And didn't think about it again for days. Now, I was NOT expecting it to hold a candle to Jurassic Park, so I wasn't disappointed like a lot of people (wrongfully, in my opinion) were. Two hours of Chris Pratt running around, being all hot and stuff, plus suspense, plus making fun of Bryce Dallas Howard's wardrobe, hair, and heels that seemed to turn into invisible running shoes when she needed them. What's wrong with ANY of this?!

Inside Out: ok, this is actually not a silly movie, but it is a lot of fun while also being poignant. I cried, I clutched my heart, I had to keep telling myself to not apply everything to my life and view it as a kid at times. But, man, this movie is fantastic. It doesn't hurt that some of my favorite ladies' provide voices:

Magic Mike XXL: Confession: I really like Magic Mike (the first one). I thought it was much deeper than just guys strippin'. Steven Soderbergh directs one of my favorite movies (Oceans's 11) and I really like other movies he's done (Erin Brockovich, for example). So, if you talk about Magic Mike around me, I'll probably start talking about the social commentary of the plot--entrepreneurship, getting out of a less-than-clean business, shady dealings of business owners, drug dealing, and, of course, the fantastic choreography (dancer at heart, guys). But, as many reviews stated, Magic Mike XXL is what everyone thought the first one would be. Just about guys dancin' and ladies watchin'. I saw this opening night, in a theater full of ladies and guys who love guys. There was much shrieking, whooping, catcalls, and applause. I cackled several times, and then pretty much instantly forgot about it. To the point that I was listening to a podcast this morning that was discussing it, and when they mentioned an actress in the movie, I had forgotten she was even in it. Not a lot of staying power, that movie, but good in the moment (there's a double entendre in there somewhere).

Next up in my movie list: Trainwreck and Minions (y'all, I die laughing at the preview EVERY TIME).

See you in the fall, Important Movies and Oscar Contenders.


  1. I took my nephews to see Jurassic Park and thought it was fantastic! The first thing I said after the movie was "I'm very impressed she ran from dinosaurs in heels, I would have been barefoot."


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