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The Back Half of Summer 2015

Growing up in Texas, school supplies hit the shelves once the Fourth of July is over. Some school districts would start in early August, so the last part of July was when all the back-to-school ramp-up happened--clothes shopping, last vacations, etc.

Living on the East Coast, summer truly does last until Labor Day. Schools in Virginia start after Labor Day due to the King's Dominion law (which you should really read about, its hilarious). So I feel like I still have a large swath of the summer stretching before me.

One thing that had been on my calendar since January occurred this past weekend. A good friend from college, and my point of contact into my fantastic friend group here, celebrated her 30th birthday with an away weekend at a farmhouse in Virginia. Thirty of us spent the weekend grilling out, drinking, swimming, drinking, slip-n-sliding, drinking, glow-stick dancing, drinking, campfiring, drinking, and making runs to the Giant for, um, more beer. Despite all the imbibing…

Summer Movies: A Mindset

As evidenced by my posts about the Oscars and Oscar parties, I like movies. A lot. My favorite part of seeing movies in the theater are the previews for upcoming movies. I have a life goal of seeing every Oscar Best Picture winner. I created an entire game around knowing movies and the people who are in them.

This being said, what I really like are Important Movies. Movie ticket prices aren't cheap (especially in DC), so If I'm shelling out $15, I want it to be a movie that will stick with me, that I will talk about in intelligent conversation. I rarely see movies with Seth Rogan or Adam Sandler in the theater (actually, for Adam Sandler, I rarely see his movies, period).

But this year, I have been overcome by The Summer Movie. The one that is just good fun to see. The one that is entertaining and provides an escape for a few hours, and is almost instantly forgotten. The one where you are a little embarrassed to admit you saw on opening night.

This summer is different from pas…