Airport Fashion

A few months ago, a blogger I read posted a pic to Instagram of a guy on his flight. The guy was wearing a navy blue sweater, plaid shorts, and flip flops (total bro uniform). The blogger asked if his fellow passenger's attire was appropriate, because his response was no.

The comments were interesting--some people said no because they would be too cold, others said flip flops were inappropriate, other men said they would never fly in shorts.

Now, I know the days of glamorous air travel are over. But in polling friends, I've found that everyone has either their "uniform" when they fly, or something they will never fly in.

I was surprised that there were such strong feelings about travel attire. My main focus is on comfort followed by the weather where I'm going and what's going on that day. I've left straight from work to get on a flight, had a really early flight, a really late flight, a flight immediately following a pool party, a flight where I've realized I left part of an outfit at home and flew in workout shorts and a tshirt.

Granted, my sometimes lax approach to air travel is due to having lived in Texas and flying Southwest regularly around the state. When your flight is less than an hour and the flight attendants are in shorts and polos, you tend to tone down the wardrobe.

So where do I draw the line? For me, its pajamas/loungewear. If it's not something I'd wear on a day of errands, then it's below my threshold of appropriate flight attire. No one needs to see me in a baggy t-shirt and Nike tempo shorts if the folks at the Alexandria Target don't even see me in that.

Summer attire: Dress/maxi skirt with some sort of wrap (planes are chilly, yo), light sandals

Fall: dress/skirt/leggings, almost always with riding boots

Winter: leggings with riding boots

Spring: a mix of fall and summer attire.

My favorite travel outfit this year was ridiculous. On the flight back from Iceland, I wore leggings, snow boots, a long-sleeve tech tee from a race, and a polar vest. So comfy, yet I also looked kind of ridiculous.

What's your travel uniform or dealbreakers?


  1. Can't believe that people said shorts and flops on that guy was inappropriate! It's a plane, not a 5 star restaurant. Sad to say, but when I fly I am usually in Workout gear (clean.) Usually legging or cropped pants and a zip up....and always flip flops in the summer! Actually flying tomorrow. I will have to check out attire and see if I get any dirty looks. Ha.


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