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Airport Fashion

A few months ago, a blogger I read posted a pic to Instagram of a guy on his flight. The guy was wearing a navy blue sweater, plaid shorts, and flip flops (total bro uniform). The blogger asked if his fellow passenger's attire was appropriate, because his response was no.

The comments were interesting--some people said no because they would be too cold, others said flip flops were inappropriate, other men said they would never fly in shorts.

Now, I know the days of glamorous air travel are over. But in polling friends, I've found that everyone has either their "uniform" when they fly, or something they will never fly in.

I was surprised that there were such strong feelings about travel attire. My main focus is on comfort followed by the weather where I'm going and what's going on that day. I've left straight from work to get on a flight, had a really early flight, a really late flight, a flight immediately following a pool party, a flight where I've r…

What I'm Reading . . .

I'm not reading as many books this year (since I've read, um, two so far), but I'm still keeping up with my reading in other ways. Today, a few of my favorite magazines and websites:

Texas Monthly: I love my subscription to this magazine a little too much. The stories and news do such a great job of representing the whole of the state, and it always gives me a grand idea to move back and live in the Hill Country (doing what, I'm not sure, haha). 

Real Simple: Paging the soccer mom in me, but this magazine has been my jam for years. The lifestyle tips are genius and many of the stories are touching or applicable regardless of your age or lifestage. However, their recipes are usually one big fail--as in they're WAY high in fat and calories, so I've never made any. But their product reviews and advice columnists are real assets.  They recently started a podcast series, which I haven't really been taken with, but is worth a listen.

Popville: A DC-living blog, shor…

Extra Credit

So after I mentioned that I have a credit card strategy in this post, I got a few requests for a post all about my strategy. At my last job, my main client was the credit card branch of a bank, so I learned the ins and outs of their cards as well as competitor cards, and brushed up on the trends and info in the industry, all of which helped me get to where I am today with my cards.

But first, a few words of warning:

1. These choices were very specific to my financial situation and goals, as well as my spending habits. Not recommending this approach for anyone in particular.
2. Learn about your credit score. Lots of things are tied to it (more than just credit cards--forgetting to return a cable box can follow you for years!), but your credit card activity has a huge bearing on it long-term.
3. Know thyself. You know your spending habits and goals best. And be honest with yourself. Credit cards are a one-way ticket to trouble for some people.

My cards:

1. Bank of America MasterCard: thi…