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Monday Truths

It's time for some random things from my mind. All true.

1. Almost every time Walk the Line is on TV, I will watch it until it's over. Doesn't matter if it's five minutes in or 20 minutes from the end or I was on my way out. Game over.

2. My favorite part of yoga is shavasana at the end of class. Which is just lying flat on your back.

3. The past two years I haven't worn pants or jeans from Memorial Day until Labor Day. May try it again this summer, but also may embrace white jeans?

4. I will forever hold a candle for John Krasinski.  He and Emily Blunt will hopefully get divorced soon.

5. My favorite animal is a giraffe, followed closely by pandas. I feel so lucky to have lived in cities with zoos with both animals!

6. My roommate and I sometimes carry on whole conversations made up of West Wing quotes and episode titles.

7. I had pairs of underwear from college until last year. #upgrade

8. I once gave up mustard for Lent, and no one thought I would make it.

9. V…