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My TV watching has gotten alllll shook up over the past year. I said goodbye to Parks and Rec and Parenthood (still not over the loss of either), and kicked Nashville, Modern Family, Scandal and HTGAWM to the curb.

I also watched The Newsroom (now over), caught up on Veep (sooooo funny), and watched Silicon Valley (which I won't be adding to my repertoire moving forward). But there are still so many other shows I want to catch up on or watch from the beginning.

Thanks to this infographic, I can now plan life accordingly. I think my next binge show will be The Wire, which concerns me since it took me four months to watch all of Friday Night Lights, and The Wire is LONGER. Ugh. Talk to me in August.

Infographics Show How Long It Takes to Binge-Watch 81 Different Shows

"So, what are you watching NOW?"

Glad you asked:

  • The Mindy Project--yes, it's over for the season, but this show continues to be so applicable to my life and just plain clever. Though I am still SO UPSET that Adam Pally left the show. Peter, come back!
  • Empire--catching up on this via On Demand. So many plot lines, but its good!
  • The Good Wife--I feel a little cheated, the other seasons I binged on were better, in my opinion, than the current one. But even on a bad day, its so much better than a lot of other shows. 
  • Game of Thrones--The new season starts April 12 and I can't WAIT. Though, um, I do need a refresher on what happened last season . . . 
  • Orphan Black--ok, this comes back this summer, but mark yo calendars!
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I just finished this show and really liked it--witty, fast-paced, and clever. BUT, I felt like one season was enough? Like I was happy with the way it ended? Ugh, this is becoming a problem with me (Broachurch, The Bridge, last season of Scandal).

Happy watching!


  1. That chart is hysterical.

    I watch all of those shows but Orphan Black. I want to see Kimmy S...

    Currently making my way through The Wire, halfway through season 3. It's amazing, especially living in Bmore!


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