It's been awhile . . .

I took a look at my planner since the beginning of the year. By the end of March, I traveled six of the 12 weekends in 2015, and had visitors in town two other weekends. So, I feel like I can be cut some slack at not updating this as much as I should (that's me, cutting myself slack).

I'm sure I'll have a more robust update about some of the things I'm going to bullet out here, but for now, the past two months included

--reading zero books
--a long weekend in Iceland
--a trip to Florida for a wedding and a visit to Harry Potter World (which is amazing!)
--watching the end of Parks and Rec and feeling oh-so-sad about it
--jumping back into House of Cards, and realizing how much I missed the theme song
--giving up on Scandal and HTGAWM, and not caring in the least
--conducting many little closet clean-outs, resulting in one big closet clean out (feels so good)
--buying new bedding (exciting life I lead)
--starting a new job
--running another half-marathon
--realizing one should ALWAYS take the train to NYC, even if a flight is cheaper
--planning my attire strategy for the four remaining weddings I have this year
--rediscovering my love of Gilmore Girls
--getting a newbie addicted to Friday Night Lights
--counting down the days til cherry blossoming!


  1. Train over flying to NYC is def the best. I hope the cherry blossoms make it, it's suppose to rain all week!


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