Iceland, ahoy!

Back in February, some friends and I crossed an item off my bucket list and went to Iceland for a long weekend.

I know you're thinking so many things. Long weekend across the Atlantic? Bucket list? What?

So I present, the top five reasons I wanted to go to Iceland:

1. The Northern Lights (only occur from November to March)

Yes, we saw them. It was fiercely cold and windy, but we gathered around that lighthouse and watched the lights dance. Photo credit: a nice British couple we met. Regular cameras can't capture them!

2. I wanted to take a trip I would likely never take again (how many times in life are you going to gather some wonderful people in your life to venture to a colder climate in the dead of winter--all for HALF of a plane ticket to the continent?)
3. The winter needs something like a vacation to keep us all from sliding into SAD.
4. It's super fast and economical to get to Iceland from the east coast (as in our flight took 4.5 hours to get there, shorter than a trip to California)
5. Um, it's Iceland.

A few photos for your enjoyment:

 North America to the left, Europe to the right (some of Game of Thrones was filmed here)

Downtown Reykjavik, from the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church

Our official trip name. Classy as s**t.

 Dat geyser doe. 

 Casual waterfall. (Also known as Gullfoss Waterfall, the largest in Europe? Maybe?)

 Amazing crater. Also very cold. 

The trip consisted of:

--eating whale and puffin (don't judge)
--clubbing until 5 a.m. and walking out to a blizzard (add in trying to find a cab)
--eating world-famous hotdogs (two of which were consumed at 5 a.m. after said clubbing
--lounging in a geothermal lagoon
--covering the entirety of Reykjavik in about six hours
--seeing the Northern Lights, and for once leaving the camera in my purse and just soaking the moment in
--finding a karaoke sports bar, and watching two fights break out
--getting a solid four hours of sleep in on the flight over
--buying booze at duty free before and after the trip
--wearing a (faux) fur vest to the club, and getting compliments from the gays of Reykjavik
--riding in a jeep that nearly spun off the road into a frozen lake (exciting!)
--doing lots of mental math to convert the exchange rate of 1,800 kr
--a brisk walk at Dulles to get through customs quickly (shout out to Global Entry) so I could get home in time for the Oscar party being hosted at my apartment #priorities

If you have any questions about Iceland, holler! It was fantastic.


  1. I am dying to go!!!! It is def on my list. Sounds so amazing.


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