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Iceland, ahoy!

Back in February, some friends and I crossed an item off my bucket list and went to Iceland for a long weekend.

I know you're thinking so many things. Long weekend across the Atlantic? Bucket list? What?

So I present, the top five reasons I wanted to go to Iceland:

1. The Northern Lights (only occur from November to March)

2. I wanted to take a trip I would likely never take again (how many times in life are you going to gather some wonderful people in your life to venture to a colder climate in the dead of winter--all for HALF of a plane ticket to the continent?)
3. The winter needs something like a vacation to keep us all from sliding into SAD.
4. It's super fast and economical to get to Iceland from the east coast (as in our flight took 4.5 hours to get there, shorter than a trip to California)
5. Um, it's Iceland.

A few photos for your enjoyment:

 North America to the left, Europe to the right (some of Game of Thrones was filmed here)

Downtown Reykjavik, from the top o…

Four on Friday

Since I'm pretty sure most of you reading this have known me for a long time, this may seem silly. But I'm stealing it from my friend/former co-worker Brittany because I like to talk about myself :-)

Four Jobs I've had
1. Tour guide at Mary Kay Corporate Headquarters (during Seminar, their annual convention for their sales force. I know so many random facts about the company and Mary Kay herself because of that job). My favorite "position" was elevator operator. I had a walkie-talkie and everything!
2. Student tour guide at my college (noticing a trend here?)
3. Community Relations and Communications Intern for a big energy company. The company had just been approved to build four coal plants, so that was fun (the job actually was, and totally prepared me for my career)
4. Public Relations/Communications Professional (at a few agencies and now in-house). I got to meet celebs (both on purpose and by accident, hi, Al Gore!), travel to random places (Wilmington, Dela…

Oh, hey, I read a book

By this time last year I'd read seventeen books. Yes, that blows even my mind. So, needless to say, I haven't exactly jumped at the chance to read a bunch of books this year (even with all my travels, I've chosen sleep and podcasts over reading).

BUT, that all changed last night when I finished this guy (gal?):

Was it the new Gone, Girl? Um, no. But it was a quick read. And though I found it frustrating and the ending seemed like a copout, it got me back in the groove of reading. I think I may need a few more easy reads before I feel like diving into either of the books archived on my kindle. 
Any recos for a vacation read?

TV Land

My TV watching has gotten alllll shook up over the past year. I said goodbye to Parks and Rec and Parenthood (still not over the loss of either), and kicked Nashville, Modern Family, Scandal and HTGAWM to the curb.

I also watched The Newsroom (now over), caught up on Veep (sooooo funny), and watched Silicon Valley (which I won't be adding to my repertoire moving forward). But there are still so many other shows I want to catch up on or watch from the beginning.

Thanks to this infographic, I can now plan life accordingly. I think my next binge show will be The Wire, which concerns me since it took me four months to watch all of Friday Night Lights, and The Wire is LONGER. Ugh. Talk to me in August.

"So, what are you watching NOW?"

Glad you asked:

The Mindy Project--yes, it's over for the season, but this show continues to be so applicable to my life and just plain clever. Though I am still SO UPSET that Adam Pally left the show. Peter, come back!Empire--catching up on …

An Introspective Half-Marathon

In March I ran my fourth half-marathon. It was exactly six months after my previous one, which had me a little worried. The last few hadn't gone so well. Yes, I had a feeling of accomplishment at the end, but many of the miles were struggles, and I hit my desperation mile (where I break down mentally, think I can't go on, almost start crying, and do a weird, frantic run/flail for a bit) around mile 9 on both, which is still 1/3 of the way from the end.

First, training in the winter is a terrible idea. I ran in 11-degree weather which resulted in my lower back seizing up (hey, getting older!) for two days. I couldn't run for days because of snow, ice, and gross conditions. I ran a nine-mile race when it started icing during the middle, and actually thought I had hypothermia by the end when my phone died and I had no money for a cab in downtown DC.

So, I went into the race the lowest of low. The forecast? 40s-50s and RAINING. My last run before the race was a 6-miler where m…

It's been awhile . . .

I took a look at my planner since the beginning of the year. By the end of March, I traveled six of the 12 weekends in 2015, and had visitors in town two other weekends. So, I feel like I can be cut some slack at not updating this as much as I should (that's me, cutting myself slack).

I'm sure I'll have a more robust update about some of the things I'm going to bullet out here, but for now, the past two months included

--reading zero books
--a long weekend in Iceland
--a trip to Florida for a wedding and a visit to Harry Potter World (which is amazing!)
--watching the end of Parks and Rec and feeling oh-so-sad about it
--jumping back into House of Cards, and realizing how much I missed the theme song
--giving up on Scandal and HTGAWM, and not caring in the least
--conducting many little closet clean-outs, resulting in one big closet clean out (feels so good)
--buying new bedding (exciting life I lead)
--starting a new job
--running another half-marathon
--realizing one…