Farewell, Bravermans

Tonight, we say goodbye to the Bravermans of Parenthood.

This is the show I've been watching the longest. When it premiered, I was all "Lorelai Gilmore! Peter Krause! That girl from Swimfan! Coach!" It's based on a movie of the same name with Steve Martin in the early 90s, a movie I vaguely recall, mainly for this exchange:

"Do you want to throw up?"
"Ok" *kid vomits*

Quoted many times in my household (I had stomach issues, whatcanIsay)

This show quickly became reservation TV for me. Even though I had DVR, I frequently watched with commercials because I just. couldn't. wait.

It seemed like so many of my friends and coworkers and I were watching the show, that I was surprised when Emmy season would come round with no recognition of the show or its actors. I hadn't yet started my obsession with Friday Night Lights, so Jason Katims' bad luck with getting his shows nominated was still foreign to me.

I was always surprised when Parenthood was a show on the brink of cancellation. I blamed NBC for not promoting it enough, for moving it around on the schedule (I think it used to be on Tuesdays?), and everyone I knew for not watching.

But in the end, the reason Parenthood never made a splash is kind of the reason I love it. The show is just about real people experiencing real things. No one goes through a hostage situation or wins the lottery. No one defies insurmountable odds. It's just like popping into your friends' house and listening to their problems and cheering their successes. It also pretty much never failed to make me cry. I used to say this show was sponsored by Kleenex. Especially the season Christina had cancer. I ugly-cried for the entire last half of the Christmas episode.

Now, a few "remember these?" moments:

--when Amber slept with Hattie's boyfriend?
--Hattie's boyfriend Alex, who was so much more mature and worldly than her?
--Sarah interning at Adam's shoe company and eventually dating the owner, who then SOLD the company, resulting in Adam getting laid off?
--When Crosby lived on a houseboat?
--Julia bidding thousands of dollars for a parking spot at Sydney's school?
--Joel helping Crosby rehab that house to win Jasmine back?
--Amber wanting to go to Berkeley?
--Zeke and Camille cheating on each other?
--Drew knocking up his high school girlfriend?
--When Sarah, Amber, and Drew all lived with Camille and Zeke?
--Victor's adoption? *sob*
--Christina smoking pot?

I realized that I identified with so many characters of the show. With Adam's struggle to find the career he was passionate about, with Christina wanting to be her own person in addition to being a mom (I mean, I think I'll struggle with that, there's no bun in the oven here, folks), with Sarah trying to juggle all the parts of her life while also look for love, with Hattie feeling oppressed by the family dynamics, with Drew feeling all the pressure of his family on him, with Julia wanting to prove she can "have it all" *shudders at that phrase*

Parenthood, it's been a wonderful five years. I better stock up on the tissues for tonight.


  1. Awww, come back now, Parenthood! I seriously will miss it.

  2. I love love love Parenthood. SO sad it is over. I did really like how they wrapped everything up in the end! And all the new babies!


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