2014 in Review

Rather than a 2014 wrap-up post (because, lezzbehonest, it's January 12. It's probably not happening). I thought I would share my year in Instagram. A pretty good representation of what made up my year . . .

A much colder and snowier winter than we were expecting led to lots of winter drinking.

Threw my most epic Oscar party to date. Not sure I can top it.

Successfully surprised my parents by flying to Texas and throwing them a party for their 30th birthday. I celebrated with wine at the AmEx lounge at DFW on the way back to DC.

Took an amazing trip to Europe, falling in love with more countries and cities (get ready, passport)

Had a summer of travels, including a girls weekend in Vegas with a most-appropriate concert.

Spent a lot of time reading . . . sometimes by a pool at a resort.

Went to mannnnyyy Nats games (even celebrated my birthday there!). Nothing more American than America's pasttime in our Nation's capital.

Didn't drink enough of one of my favorite beers, but it was still a good time. 

Did another Whole 30, and discovered my love of spiralizing AND my cast-iron skillet.

Ran another one of these. Glutton for punishment, I am.

Celebrated a beautiful fall in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Welcomed a new roommate to my apartment, and had a Thanksgiving-themed housewarming (titled, "Everything But the Bird", we asked peeps to bring something they'd bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, just not turkey)

Ventured to the happiest place on Earth for our work holiday trip. Its still fun as an adult.

Tackled alllll 50 books. Though it stressed me out at time (first world problems if there ever was one), I'm glad I accomplished it. Now to take my time with books :-)

Had lots of quality time with this guy, who becomes more special to our family every day.

Celebrated New Years Eve with some of my favorites back in DC. A house party with two types of cheese dips, endless booze, disco lights, birthday cake at midnight, and the chance to take TWO naps mid-party (a bit of a habit of mine on New Years Eve . . . ). Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me . . .


  1. Naps during the party? That's impressive! Looks like a pretty great year. Hope 2015 can top it!

    I just got a spiralizer and I am obsessed. Now I need a cast iron skillet.


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