Musings from a Half Marathon

I ran my third half marathon last week (had big plans to do this once a year, but my last one was in 2011 . . . whoops). I thought for some reason it would get easier, but it really doesn't. This was the first one I've run outside of Texas, and the first time I didn't have family and friends assigned to mile markers to meet me. I thought that might make it unbearable, but several things helped. One, the part of the course was my regular running route. Secondly, there was only a smattering of spectators (the ones I've run in the past have been huge community events), but they were awesome, and cheering on specific runners. Lots of dads out there with their kiddos, cheering on their mom. Must be a thing in DC.

This was also the first half I've run with a friend (well, we started together, but he's much faster. He did meet me at the finish line though, because he just had a feeling I was finishing soon). He had already scoped out the finishers area and knew where the goods were, and we got in a good stretch at the Washington Monument before I said "I have to get out of here" (I hit a breaking point with all the sweaty people I just ran with for two hours. I suddenly don't want to be around them anymore and have to leave RIGHT NOW. Its happened for the past two halfies as well).

However the race itself took me through all the feelings and thoughts, including:

  • Wow, four miles is easy. I can totally do this two more times!
  • Hey, cute doctor at the medic tent . . . 
  • Oh, great, my hip flexor hurts at mile 6. This could be long.
  • Mile 9. MILE 9?!?!? How are we not there yet?
  • Thank God, Timber. I needed this song right now. 
  • I think my feet are going to fall off. And my legs. All at once.
  • Oh, great. I feel faint. And I'm still running. If I stop. I think I WILL faint. Sooooo, keep moving?
  • You know, fainting right now would actually be good. I could lie down for a few minutes, and then pop back up and zoom to the end . . .
  • Holy guacamole, I'm at mile 12.5 and can't. Move. ANYMORE. How will I finish?!?!? Must have BEST SONG EVER playing for this last bit.
  • Winner: Pitch Perfect finale. "Not about the price tag."

I had to go to work the day after, so I decided the name of the game post-race was KEEP MOVING. I walked so much that Sunday, so much on Monday, and had completely bounced back by Thursday. I also forced myself to run a mile or two on Tuesday and Thursday, and didn't die! Hurray!

On to the next race: 10k in November!

Oh, and peanut GU tastes phenomenal. But that could have been the adrenaline talking.