Friday Five: So Long, Summer

Sometimes, I'm ready for summer to end. I'm tired of the hot weather, the skeleton crew at the office, and wearing mosquito repellant on a daily basis. I'm so ready for leggings, fall foliage, and college football.

This year, though, I find myself holding on to summer. The weather here was beautiful for the most part. I'm at the tail end of half-marathon training, which I thought would be miserable due to heat and humidity. Instead, it's been cool, breezy, and dry. Dare I say pleasant? I've walked home without sweating. Enjoyed cocktails on the patio. Spent time on the Potomac (on it, not in it, I'm not crazy). Didn't spend my Metro commute worried that other people's sweat would land on me.

This summer, I felt more settled in my DC life. I've been here for a year and a half now, and feel more like I can enjoy things rather than Doing All the Things.

So, I'm saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. But first, five things I loved this summer:

--Traveling (Wo)Man: from kicking the summer off in Europe, ladies' weekend in Vegas, resort vacation in Texas, ladies' weekend at the beach, and a Labor Day in Houston, my suitcase and airline apps got a workout. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by too many travels, by living out of a suitcase, but I felt like my travels helped me structure my in-town weekends and make the most of my non-travel days.

--Teamwork: Summer began with the end of my bocce season, and ended with the finals for Game Show League, where my team may have won second (not sure, none of us were there for the last night).

--Visitors; from college friends to my parents showing up, I got to see so many people near and dear to me.

--Summer Fun: kayaking, tubing, paddleboarding, baseballing,movies outside,  all the things that are fun in the summertime, there was lots of it.

--New friends: just when you think you've got a great group of friends, you find more to add to your cache.

Life is good.