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Musings from a Half Marathon

I ran my third half marathon last week (had big plans to do this once a year, but my last one was in 2011 . . . whoops). I thought for some reason it would get easier, but it really doesn't. This was the first one I've run outside of Texas, and the first time I didn't have family and friends assigned to mile markers to meet me. I thought that might make it unbearable, but several things helped. One, the part of the course was my regular running route. Secondly, there was only a smattering of spectators (the ones I've run in the past have been huge community events), but they were awesome, and cheering on specific runners. Lots of dads out there with their kiddos, cheering on their mom. Must be a thing in DC.

This was also the first half I've run with a friend (well, we started together, but he's much faster. He did meet me at the finish line though, because he just had a feeling I was finishing soon). He had already scoped out the finishers area and knew where …

Friday Five: So Long, Summer

Sometimes, I'm ready for summer to end. I'm tired of the hot weather, the skeleton crew at the office, and wearing mosquito repellant on a daily basis. I'm so ready for leggings, fall foliage, and college football.

This year, though, I find myself holding on to summer. The weather here was beautiful for the most part. I'm at the tail end of half-marathon training, which I thought would be miserable due to heat and humidity. Instead, it's been cool, breezy, and dry. Dare I say pleasant? I've walked home without sweating. Enjoyed cocktails on the patio. Spent time on the Potomac (on it, not in it, I'm not crazy). Didn't spend my Metro commute worried that other people's sweat would land on me.

This summer, I felt more settled in my DC life. I've been here for a year and a half now, and feel more like I can enjoy things rather than Doing All the Things.

So, I'm saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. But first, five things I loved this sum…

Fall TV: Welcome Back!

Fall TV is coming! Fall TV is coming!

This week the weather has been horrifically hot and humid in DC (where did our lovely, cooler-than-average summer?!), so we are all ready for fall and everything that comes with it (riding boots! scarves! apple-picking!). I, for one, am ready for my programs to come back.

Nothing groundbreaking on here from last year, though Scandal and Nashville are on the chopping block. Nashville has gotten a little too ridiculous, and Scandal ended so perfectly last season that I want to stop watching for fear of them screwing it up.
Notice something new? The Good Wife. I am now an Amazon Prime member, and have the whole series at my disposal. I'm only on season 1, but am loving it so far. The Alicia-Will chemistry drives me crazy (and, yes, I know how it ends).
 For the shows I really can't wait for? It's a tie between Mindy Project/Parenthood/Parks and Rec. Though its bittersweet--P&R and Parenthood are on their victory lap and I will miss th…