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My DC Summer Bucket List

Summer officially starts this weekend--what better time to create a summer bucket list?

--Watch at least two movies outside.
--Go canoeing on the Potomac
--Go hiking (maybe here)
--Host a rooftop party
--Take a beach trip to Rehoboth
--Go to King's Dominion

--Drink on lots of rooftops
--Outdoor brunches, lots of them
--Float down the Shenandoah
--Watch fireworks
--Go to outdoor concerts
--Drink lots of these:

Anatomy of a Travel Clusterf--well, you know

Am I just a masochist in terms of reading about other people's travel misfortunes? And I assume other people want to read about them too? Though, I have to say, had I not read all the travel horror stories over the years, I don't think I would have been prepared for this (warning, it's long. I give you permission to skim. This was rather cathartic for me to write.)

My parents and I were jazzed to get on our non-stop flight to Paris from Washington Dulles. Set to board at 4:15. Woohoo! I get to the gate at 2:15ish.

Our flight is delayed. No big deal, what's 30 minutes if you have an 8 hour flight?

Oh wait, our flight needs maintenance once it lands. Ok.

We boarded, yay! A cranky lady yelled at us because we didn't realize there was a line. My parents told me they hoped she was my seattmate. Haha.

It's now 6 p.m. and pouring down rain. So we wait. I watch the movie Nebraska. Yes, the WHOLE movie. It's stopped raining somewhat. Planes are taking off. We should…