An Epic Trip by Numbers

Monday I got back from a vacation that has literally ruled my life for the past three months. A trip that was truly once-in-a-lifetime, that I also hope to never repeat again (no trip is without complications, let's just say that). Rather than do a play-by-play (snooze), I'm just breaking it out by numbers below. Enjoy!

Three countries visited: France, Germany, Austria

Seven airports passed through: thanks to a most unhelpful flight cancellation, it took six airports and two airlines just to get to Paris. But that's something for another post.

Three biergartens visited: Paulaner, Hoffbrauhaus, and Augustiner-Keller (which seats 4,000 people!)

Five days worth of clothing brought along. Laundry in a hotel room sucks, but not carrying that much luggage is nice.

Four train rides: Paris to Munich (two trains), Munich to Salzburg, Salzburg to Vienna

Nineteen thousand steps walked in one day: I think this is a gross underestimate.

Thirty Metro/RER tickets purchased in Paris: Mass transit, y'all. It's a thing.

Two meals ordered completely in French: sure, one was only coffee, but I felt very worldly.

Three crepes eaten (way too few).

Five palaces visited: Versailles, Neuschwanstein, Linderof, Schunbrunn, and Belvedere (they all started to look the same, if we're being honest)

One Nazi hangout visited: The Eagle's Nest is more for the amazing view of the Alps, as the building itself is small and a restaurant.

Five Sound of Music songs belted out on the tour. Are you surprised it wasn't more?

Five Rick Steves books purchased. He's THE MAN to consult if you're planning your own trip to Europe. Invaluable advice.

Four macarons from La Douree consumed. Each one was a bite of heaven.

Three churches visited: Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, St. Michael's Basilica (where the wedding in the Sound of Music is filmed!)

One new wine discovered: Gruner Vertliner, a common Austrian wine. I may have picked up a bottle at duty free when flying home (impulse buy, near the register).

Eight hours spent on what I now call the best flight of my life. Lufthansa gets all the gold stars--lots of legroom, empty seat next to me, great movies and TV shows (Hi there, Lego Movie!) and FREE BOOZE. When they came by after dinner offering Baileys on the rocks, I nearly burst into tears (it had been a long day).

25 minutes of a "stress relieving massage" at one of JFK's travelers' spas. Considering I'd just pulled an all-nighter due to said flight cancellation, it was so necessary. I think I asked if I could sleep in the chair once it was over.

Four clothing items purchased at different European department stores due to the weather being 15 degrees warmer than anticipated. See, Dad, sometimes shopping IS necessary, like when you've brought a fleece and long cardigans on vacation.

Countless photos taken . . . to be shared on a Wordless Wednesday at some point . . .

Still, good to be back in the US of A. Now hand me a cheeseburger and a fluffy pillow.