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A Day-by-Day Guide to Jet Lag

Here's how my last few days have panned out:

Day 0: 10 hour flight, crossing six time zones, get home around 6:30 p.m. Feeling tired, but not exhausted. Go to gym (those crepes aren't going to work themselves off), grocery store. Get to bed around 10.

Day 1: Wake up at 7, feeling refreshed. What jet lag? I've totes beat this. Brag to friends and coworkers. Feel pretty tired by the time bedtime rolls around, but that's good, right? Oh, wait, I don't have lunch for tomorrow because I chose to watch Nashville rather than make pot of chili. Well, half-asleep chili-making time.

Day 2: Hmmm. I'm up about 30 mins earlier than I need to be. Oh well, it's just 30 minutes. Wow, is this day over? It feels SO MUCH LATER than it is right now. Why is the sun still up?

Day 3: WHY AM I WIDE AWAKE AT 5 A.M.?!?! WHY, GOD WHY?! Ok, I'm falling back asleep. Yay! Wait, awake again and it's 6 A.M.?! I don't need to be up until 7! I'll try reading. Well now it'…

An Epic Trip by Numbers

Monday I got back from a vacation that has literally ruled my life for the past three months. A trip that was truly once-in-a-lifetime, that I also hope to never repeat again (no trip is without complications, let's just say that). Rather than do a play-by-play (snooze), I'm just breaking it out by numbers below. Enjoy!

Threecountries visited: France, Germany, Austria

Sevenairports passed through: thanks to a most unhelpful flight cancellation, it took six airports and two airlines just to get to Paris. But that's something for another post.

Threebiergartens visited: Paulaner, Hoffbrauhaus, and Augustiner-Keller (which seats 4,000 people!)

Fivedays worth of clothing brought along. Laundry in a hotel room sucks, but not carrying that much luggage is nice.

Fourtrain rides: Paris to Munich (two trains), Munich to Salzburg, Salzburg to Vienna

Nineteen thousand steps walked in one day: I think this is a gross underestimate.

ThirtyMetro/RER tickets purchased in Paris: Mass transit, y&…

The Book BusyTrap Edition

Things have gotten tres busy here in the District, with summer travels heating up, friends coming and going, joining clubs and teams, and getting more involved with my church (though said travels keep me from attending every Sunday, gah!).
So I don't have as many books to share about this time around, but I'm confident the next few weeks will yield lots of reading time, so I thought I'd share about these:
Thumbs WAY up: 
Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell: Y'all. This book (which, yes, is written for teenagers, get over it) melted my heart. The relationship between two teenagers has never been so perfectly captured. Its a quick read, too, so I highly recommend it. Man, I wish my library loan hadn't expired, I would read it again . . . 

Thumbs almost, but not completely, down:
Allegiant, by Veronica Roth: I was PUMPED for the last book in the Divergent trilogy. And I was disappointed. More than anything, this book felt very jumbled and the writing was pretty bad. But…