April Showers

Oh heyyyyy. I've totally been meaning to blog. But, see, it snowed two more times, and it looked like winter was never going to end, at which point I knew I would not survive the SAD afflicting the entire city.

But, hark! Spring is HERE! Cherry blossom peak bloom hit YESTERDAY (making the tourists seem a bit more bearable, as they planned their trips correctly). Never mind that this is the latest the blossoms have bloomed in recent memory (see: twice as much snow this winter as "normal", a cool 36ish inches).

So, here are lots of fun things that have happened or ARE happening with a sprinkling of links I love:

--Ladies Weekend in Charlottesville! Wineries, Monticello, road trip tunes, and SONIC! I may wear a skirt! Without tights!
--85 things people think at the airport. Between my last job where I traveled for work rather frequently and now living across the country from family and friends, I seem to spend a lot of time in airports. No. 57 is a particular pet peeve.
--My first walk home from work this year. I really do love that I can do this and not die of heat or exhaustion. (P.S. Listening to this on all my commuting journeys, realizing how much walking/Metro riding I do . . .)
--Joined a new gym and have drank the Kool-Aid. I had joined my previous gym because it offered a big variety of classes, then realized that I really only loved one of them, and it was offered once a week. I wish I was one of those people who could work out at a no frills, Planet Fitness-esque gym, but I really do go to this gym more because the classes are awesome (as in, I can't walk two days later), the machines are solid, there are endless pools, and the ambiance is, well, nice? Ok, it looks like a dance club most of the time, but, hey I show up at least four times a week.
--Fun facts about my favorite game show, Jeopardy! Yes, I might be 80 years old. Have I ever told you about the time I got Final Jeopardy right and NONE of the contestants did?
--Speaking of being a frequent flier, am I the only person who LOVES inflight magazines? You can read them online! Seriously, I love flying over the end of the month, because I get two different magazines. #NerdAlert
--If you haven't been watching The Mindy Project, please cancel your plans for tonight and watch the entire first season and then this season. This episode might be one of my favorites of the whole series.
--Last weekend was an epically good time with a sorority sister in town for her birthday. A bottomless wine and beer fest, riding around town in a limo, and getting in lots of girl time.
--Having a lovely Easter Orphan weekend with friends--including pet-sitting a sweet pup, a trip to my favorite vineyard/farm, and a lovely brunch.

Bring it, spring, we're ready.