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Summer TV

Now that my shows are winding down for the year (I've already said goodbye to Scandal, Parks & Rec, and Parenthood), I'm looking ahead to shows I'm going to get in to this summer. I already watch Orphan Black (which is phenomenal) and Game of Thrones (unless you're living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard people talk about this show once or twice).
Here are a few shows on my list this summer:

Any others I should add? Thoughts on these?

The Bookshelf, April Edition

Happy to report that things are trucking along with my resolution to ready 50 books this year (currently reading #16). Thanks to a book I finished in 24 hours, I ended up reading five books in March. Huzzah!

Luckily, I really liked the majority of the books I've been reading lately. Very few were ones I slogged through.

My favorites:

Me Before You, by JoJo Moyes: Run, don't walk, to the bookstore,, the library to get this book. DO NOT read a synopsis or description, it ends up sounding like a Lifetime movie. Just know that its about two unlikely friends who end up changing each others' lives forever.

Roses, by Leila Meacham: I read about this book in Texas Monthly, as it's written by a Texas author, about a fictional small town in Texas. Apparently Barbara Bush is a big fan of the book. Anyways, its about a small town in Texas where three prominent families end up entangled over the course of several generations. It's a bit long, but really really good.


April Showers

Oh heyyyyy. I've totally been meaning to blog. But, see, it snowed two more times, and it looked like winter was never going to end, at which point I knew I would not survive the SAD afflicting the entire city.

But, hark! Spring is HERE! Cherry blossom peak bloom hit YESTERDAY (making the tourists seem a bit more bearable, as they planned their trips correctly). Never mind that this is the latest the blossoms have bloomed in recent memory (see: twice as much snow this winter as "normal", a cool 36ish inches).

So, here are lots of fun things that have happened or ARE happening with a sprinkling of links I love:

--Ladies Weekend in Charlottesville! Wineries, Monticello, road trip tunes, and SONIC! I may wear a skirt! Without tights!
--85 things people think at the airport. Between my last job where I traveled for work rather frequently and now living across the country from family and friends, I seem to spend a lot of time in airports. No. 57 is a particular pet peeve.