One Year

I've been avoiding this post for so many reasons. A. I don't want to believe that a year has flown by since I moved to DC. B. I have no idea how to sum up the past year. C. I need to wait for eloquence to strike. That's it!

Well, eloquence hasn't struck, but I still feel the need to mark this occasion. So here goes.

In so many ways, everything has changed, but also, everything has stayed the same. I still get up and go to work (though now I walk to the Metro and take that to work), I still go to the gym, I still meet friends for happy hour.

Long-held friendships have only gotten stronger and evolved into friendships of people who don't live in the same city or don't see each other every few months. Some friendships have died out, but that's part of life.

Reconnecting with old friends here in DC and making new ones has brought such joy and, well, fun to my life. I'm reminded to never think "I have enough friends," because there's always more people to get to know.

I also can't ignore the happiness my favorite city has brought  me--from visitors who want to see the sights, to hanging out at the White House (seeing Fun. perform on the South Lawn during the 4th of July fireworks show on the Mall might be the best thing ever), to exploring the various neighborhoods.

So to everyone who cheered me on, became my friend, added me to an email about something fun, sent me a text saying hi, or made time to see me back in Texas, thank you. I'm looking forward to my future in this city as a "local" and not "the new girl".