My Oscar Thoughts and How to Throw an Oscar Party

Since my Super Bowl is now over for the year, it's time for me to put it to bed until 2015. But not before a few parting thoughts as well as details on my Oscar partay (which I planned for nearly two months):

First, the show:

  • I thought Ellen overall was great--her humor has widespread appeal, and I thought she catered to both young and old audiences. Some of the bits that didn't hit their mark went on too long (the pizza bit), but I like how she was out in the audience a lot, and that she poked fun at people A LOT. (Liza Minelli, sir). 
  • The speeches. Oh the speeches. All of the acting winners were poignant (well, what did Cate Blanchett say? I didn't really pay attention), Lupita and Matthew made me tear up (Texas Forever), and almost everyone I picked on my ballot won (even the animated short, Mr. Hublot!)
  • The fashion. I was underwhelmed, but I don't watch for the fashion. I thought most people played it safe, as there wasn't a lot of wow factor, nor were there hideous misses. Though I really don't like Anne Hathaway's new stylist's "vision". It seems so severe.
  • The SONGS. Pharrell singing "Happy" is my new mood lifter, and even though Idina (or Azeem, ahem, John Travolta), didn't seem to give her best performance, I thought that her performing on the Oscar stage was breathtaking. However, why did Bette Midler sing "Wind Beneath My Wings"? WHY DID WE MAKE THE SHOW LONGER FOR THIS? Just saying, on the East Coast it ended after midnight. Thank Mother Nature for the snow day the next day, because I woke up at 9 a.m. #glorious 

Now, my Oscar party deets. I've thrown parties in the past when I lived in Texas, and my last one left me in tears because I tried to do too much and didn't cull my guest list well enough (too many people for my tiny apartment, some people who didn't get along with each other, etc.) So this time, I kept the following in mind:

  1. Lighten up. Luckily, I didn't feel super passionately about any of the movies this year (My two "must wins" were Matthew McConaughey and 12 Years a Slave, which were pretty much a lock). So I focused on throwing a fun party.
  2. Something for everyone. Hard to believe, but not everyone CARES about the Oscars and who wins. So I  made sure to incorporate things to keep those who didn't know Judy Dench from Maggie Smith interested. Enter Oscar Bingo and The Oscar Drinking Game. Things to keep you watching the show and actually rooting for someone to thank their mom (DRINK!).
  3. The sillier the better. Did I need an inflatable Oscar? No. But that's beside the point. He's still chilling in my living room. Did I need to buy Pirate's Booty solely for a Captain Phillips tie-in? No, but it got some chuckles. 
  4. Have someone other than yourself be the Regulator. I've said I can either be a good party hostess or watch the show. I can't do both. Thus I can't yell at people when they talk over the TV or don't pay attention when the show is back on. Luckily, one of my guests takes the Oscars as seriously as me, and totally regulated the whole time, from turning up the volume to yelling at people who caused her to miss the punchline of the joke. Some say intense, I say kindred spirit. 
Now, because you didn't ask, some photos:

Oscar Bingo card, brilliantly created by How About Orange (those are my silk jammie pants in the background. The theme was "fancy pajamas")

Encouraging folks to get into the spirits :-)

Quasi-themed snacks

Not sure you can read it, but the drinking game rules. Including Teleprompter fails/flubs, a winner says they didn't write a speech, etc. 

I had to crop out the people, but here's what the inflatable Oscar looked like. Oh, Oriental Trading Company, you're swell. 

Until next year, folks! My party planning hat is going back in the closet. 


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