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One Year

I've been avoiding this post for so many reasons. A. I don't want to believe that a year has flown by since I moved to DC. B. I have no idea how to sum up the past year. C. I need to wait for eloquence to strike. That's it!

Well, eloquence hasn't struck, but I still feel the need to mark this occasion. So here goes.

In so many ways, everything has changed, but also, everything has stayed the same. I still get up and go to work (though now I walk to the Metro and take that to work), I still go to the gym, I still meet friends for happy hour.

Long-held friendships have only gotten stronger and evolved into friendships of people who don't live in the same city or don't see each other every few months. Some friendships have died out, but that's part of life.

Reconnecting with old friends here in DC and making new ones has brought such joy and, well, fun to my life. I'm reminded to never think "I have enough friends," because there's always mor…

My Oscar Thoughts and How to Throw an Oscar Party

Since my Super Bowl is now over for the year, it's time for me to put it to bed until 2015. But not before a few parting thoughts as well as details on my Oscar partay (which I planned for nearly two months):

First, the show:

I thought Ellen overall was great--her humor has widespread appeal, and I thought she catered to both young and old audiences. Some of the bits that didn't hit their mark went on too long (the pizza bit), but I like how she was out in the audience a lot, and that she poked fun at people A LOT. (Liza Minelli, sir). The speeches. Oh the speeches. All of the acting winners were poignant (well, what did Cate Blanchett say? I didn't really pay attention), Lupita and Matthew made me tear up (Texas Forever), and almost everyone I picked on my ballot won (even the animated short, Mr. Hublot!)The fashion. I was underwhelmed, but I don't watch for the fashion. I thought most people played it safe, as there wasn't a lot of wow factor, nor were there hideo…

I May Need a Bigger Bookshelf

So I made a handful of New Year's resolutions, many of which are boring and mundane which I won't be sharing. However, one resolution I need people to A. hold me accountable to and B. might actually be interested in?

Read 50 books this year.

Ok, even typing that stressed me out.

BUT, I'm on book 9, so here's what's been on the ole Kindle lately:

Favorite book so far: Reconstructing Amelia, by Kimberly McCreight. This is a scary look at high school today, focused around the investigation of a girl's suicide at an upscale New York prep school.

Least Favorite: The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. Least favorite is being generous. I truly hated this book. Not only is no one in the book someone you can root for, but its 800 pages when things could be summed up in about 300. This was one of the top books in 2013, and the reviews make me wonder if I read the same book. One person described reading it as "drinking every delicious word". Gag. Don't waste your ti…