What Does Buzzfeed Say About You?

I admit to loving a good quiz as much as the next person. Which is why Buzzfeed has obviously targeted me with their latest obsession--Which ____ are you? quizzes. I'm thinking of making these quizzes mandatory for future dates . . .

(P.S. In gathering the links for this, I saw that the Washington Post wrote an article about the type of people the Buzzfeed quizzes made us, lots of goodies here!)

So according to Buzzfeed, I should be living in Africa:

I DO love city life, but have to get to nature every now and then . . . 

I'm my favorite Parks and Rec character:

I should be teaching those crazy college kids a thing or two:

Surprisingly, I've never used this Emoji:

(ahem, "finding" my soulmate does NOT occupy all my time. John Krasinksi, ready when you are . . .)

I should have left the state of Texas for school (and this description is actually a little accurate):

Best of all--I'm apparently the wittiest person on Downton Abbey (y'all, Maggie Smith is in this post twice. I only hope to be as bomb.com when I am her age):

Leave your favorite Buzzfeed quiz and results in the comments! Because we all need reasons to procrastinate at work :-)