Lately . . .

Hoping . . . the winter weather we get this week is the grand finale for what has been a bear of a season from Mother Nature. DC has gotten about 15 inches of snow (total) and while I thought I would look forward to and enjoy significant snow, it's really only pretty when its first falling (I now know why all the Midwesterners hate the snow that piles up everywhere. It's dirty and gross). 

Using . . . all the lotions in the world to combat the dry skin I've had thanks to this weather. I seem to have gotten my face under control (it felt like sandpaper at one point), and my hands are no longer cracked (lovely), but my epidermis is REAL ready for temps out of the 20s on a consistent basis.

Perusing . . . photos of my parents' pup. I spent a lovely long weekend in Texas earlier this month, and it was the perfect amount of time. Friends were seen, walks were taken, bootcamp was conquered, queso was eaten, beers and margaritas were drunk. And the weather was a welcome break from the tundra. I'm usually a bit sads when I leave Texas but I ran into a fellow Texan-turned-DCite at the airport and left Big D with a glass of champagne and a gossip session.

Eating . . . things I shouldn't be, but that ends NOW! (Hear that, self, NOW!). I'm trying to stay towards the paleo side of life (no grains or dairy) since those things really stuck with me from the Whole30. Swimsuit season is nigh . . . 

Dismayed . . . over the baby boom in my life! In the span of one week in January, THREE bambinos were born (two boys and a girl, I think I should play matchmaker). It also made me realize how rich my life is with friends--the babies represented relationships from college, the workplace, and family friends that are really like family. Two more babies on the way this summer, PLUS my boss is due any day now (I'm holding out for this Sunday, which I picked in the baby pool. Besides, who DOESN'T want to be born on Oscar Sunday?!)

Listening . . . to so many podcasts. I've tried to get into them more, especially with all the walking I do, nice to have a little something to listen to. Between NPR, my old church in Dallas, and various new comedy podcasts I'm trying out, there's no shortage for me.

Feeling . . . like the Winter Olympics were only ok. I've realized how much of my Olympics attention is focused on whether I like the sport in general. For example, I hate to ski. So almost all of the skiing events were one big "meh". I didn't even get into the ice skating as much this year. 

Thinking . . . that the Downton Abbey finale was pretty boring. I know to not wish for more excitement, because when I did that last season two characters died (one of which was absolutely devastating). But the "Christmas Special" was way too long for what was accomplished (which was absolutely nothing). Awkward presence of the royal family (which, because I've seen the King's Speech, I thought was really tacky), members of the aristocracy burgling a house, so much nonsense from Cousin Rose. Ugh. Sad that we have another ten months until Downton returns, but let's hope there's some fire this time around.

Excited . . . about the Oscars! This is one of the first years when I don't really care about the movies themselves--I didn't see many of them nor did I have any interest in seeing many of them. But I'm hosting my first DC Oscar Party. Sneak peek: the attire is fancy dress or fancy pajamas (since the show will likely end close to midnight for us East Coasters). Bonus points if you can combine the two!