Goodies from the GChat Archives

I love the search feature in Gmail, because not only can you find an email with the info you were looking for, but you also end up finding a hilarious irrelevant email or, even better, a GChat between you and your friends (bless the engineer who decided ALL CHATS needed to be archived for eternity).

I had this happen yesterday--I came across a chat between me and a friend who I've now lost touch with. The chat centered around an upcoming beach vacation I had, and the enormous packing job I had ahead of me (oh, first world problems. All you wear on a beach vacay is your swimsuit and cover-up, but I digress).

Apparently, I had decided to make up a drinking game to motivate me to pack. So I give you, The Pack Yo Bag and Finish Yo Drink Game:

The goal: to finish your drink with a full suitcase
How to Play:
--each article of clothing is assigned a points value:
  --bottoms (skirts, jeans, shorts)=10 points
  --tops=5 points
  --dresses=15 points
  --underpants=2 points
  --bras=3 points
  --pajamas=10 points
  --shoes=5 points

Essentially, a complete outfit (top and bottom or a dress) is worth 15 points. Shoes and undergarments don't count towards the outfit total. For every 50 points you "score" you take a drink. So, three outfits plus a pair of shoes=a drink.

As far as I know, I never played this game, I probably had more fun making it up. But still, I applaud 24-year-old me for making this up.