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Lately . . .

Hoping . . . the winter weather we get this week is the grand finale for what has been a bear of a season from Mother Nature. DC has gotten about 15 inches of snow (total) and while I thought I would look forward to and enjoy significant snow, it's really only pretty when its first falling (I now know why all the Midwesterners hate the snow that piles up everywhere. It's dirty and gross). 
Using . . . all the lotions in the world to combat the dry skin I've had thanks to this weather. I seem to have gotten my face under control (it felt like sandpaper at one point), and my hands are no longer cracked (lovely), but my epidermis is REAL ready for temps out of the 20s on a consistent basis.
Perusing . . . photos of my parents' pup. I spent a lovely long weekend in Texas earlier this month, and it was the perfect amount of time. Friends were seen, walks were taken, bootcamp was conquered, queso was eaten, beers and margaritas were drunk. And the weather was a welcome break…

Wordless Wednesday: Kidz Bop


What Does Buzzfeed Say About You?

I admit to loving a good quiz as much as the next person. Which is why Buzzfeed has obviously targeted me with their latest obsession--Which ____ are you? quizzes. I'm thinking of making these quizzes mandatory for future dates . . .

(P.S. In gathering the links for this, I saw that the Washington Post wrote an article about the type of people the Buzzfeed quizzes made us, lots of goodies here!)

So according to Buzzfeed, I should be living in Africa:

I DO love city life, but have to get to nature every now and then . . . 
I'm smart, fancy, and sophisticated:

I'm my favorite Parks and Rec character:

I should be teaching those crazy college kids a thing or two:

Surprisingly, I've never used this Emoji:
(ahem, "finding" my soulmate does NOT occupy all my time. John Krasinksi, ready when you are . . .)
I should have left the state of Texas for school (and this description is actually a little accurate):

Best of all--I'm apparently the wittiest person on Downt…

Song of the Moment

Its pretty much a full-fledged obsession with this song--listen to it on repeat, pondering choreography for the next night out at the club, finding ways to bring it up in conversation. So, Pitbull, you've done it again, sir.

Goodies from the GChat Archives

I love the search feature in Gmail, because not only can you find an email with the info you were looking for, but you also end up finding a hilarious irrelevant email or, even better, a GChat between you and your friends (bless the engineer who decided ALL CHATS needed to be archived for eternity).

I had this happen yesterday--I came across a chat between me and a friend who I've now lost touch with. The chat centered around an upcoming beach vacation I had, and the enormous packing job I had ahead of me (oh, first world problems. All you wear on a beach vacay is your swimsuit and cover-up, but I digress).

Apparently, I had decided to make up a drinking game to motivate me to pack. So I give you, The Pack Yo Bag and Finish Yo Drink Game:

The goal: to finish your drink with a full suitcase
How to Play:
--each article of clothing is assigned a points value:
  --bottoms (skirts, jeans, shorts)=10 points
  --tops=5 points
  --dresses=15 points
  --underpants=2 points
  --bras=3 point…