The Oscars According to Me

I really can't complain about the next six weeks, when we have both the Winter Olympics (which are seeming a bit stressful before the competition even starts) and Oscar season (March 2 in case you were wondering).

I am going into this Oscar season woefully unprepared. I've hardly seen any movies this year (my mother however is super on top of things and only has a few flicks left to see . . . jealous) and I'm also not super-excited about seeing any one film.

That being said, I DO have thoughts on the nominations:

  • I keep hearing how Tom Hanks was snubbed for Captain Phillips (can't comment on the performance, haven't seen it), BUT I like the Academy spreading the wealth when it comes to actors who are always ah-MAZING (ahem, Meryl Streep). I think that actors like Meryl and Tom are expected to be fantastic, it's just the bar they've set for themselves (and good on them for doing that). That's why it makes it hard for me to support nominating them later in their career (I realize this is not a very popular school of though, but whatevs).
  • Matthew McConaughey needs to teach a masters class on how to transition from mindless rom-com roles to being nominated for an Oscar. And yet, he still seems down-to-earth and like a cool guy (fun fact, a co-worker lived next door to him in Austin for awhile, she used to take care of his dog when he traveled).
  • Nine Best Picture nominees?! Glad to see the Academy is embracing it's new format, but not sure all nine need to be nominated (again, I've seen ONE BP nom, so I could eat my words).
  • Brad Pitt could win an Oscar. He's a producer for 12 Years a Slave. Will he follow his BFF George Clooney in winning an Oscar for producing a Best Picture winner? (George won last year for Argo)
 Wish me luck as I try to knock out six movies in the next six weeks (oh, seeing that written out seems much more manageable)


  1. I don't think I have seen any of the nominations! Going to try to see a least a few.


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