Strangers on a Train

My weekend ended with a trip to NYC for a meeting on Monday, so I spent this afternoon on an Amtrak regional to the Big Apple (the Acelas were taken out of service because of the cold weather, le sigh).

Normally there are a few good stories from my Amtrak travels, but the people who sat behind me might take the cake as the most memorable people. They started out sitting across the aisle from each other, it was a 24-year-old guy and a woman who looked like she was in her late 20s/early 30s. I hate this word, but douchy is the best way to describe their conversation (which lasted THREE HOURS) (and apologies for the vulgarity of some of it, but listening to it in person was terrrriibbllee, so you get to be spared that )

--"It's not everyday you get to bang a married lesbian." yes, the dude was quite the Lothario. Wait for more of his escapades later on.
--"I gave the bellman a 20 to get me Tylenol. He should be happy, its more than he makes in an hour."
--complaints about the size of the beds in the dorms at the Fashion Institute in NYC, where ONE of the guy's lucky ladies goes to school. He also said he "makes" her visit him in Nowheresville Connecticut because her bed is so small.
--Joining Tinder will get you laid in 24 hours. Spread the word. (I wanted to drink Purrell upon reading this. Or direct them to the nearest free clinic).
--"I'd watch you on CNBC anyday," The woman's boss was going to be on CNBC, which the guy understood to mean SHE was going to be on TV. Smooth.
--The pros and cons of being in a relationship vs. just sleeping with someone. This went on for a very long time.
--He currently works on a railroad (seriously, like someone's in the kitchen with Dinah), but is going to go to law school at either Fordham or Columbia. But he HAS to get a big firm job that pays him hundreds of thousands or he doesn't see the point.

I was BLASTING music through my headphones and couldn't drown them out. It was seriously nauseating at times. However, my train ride came to an end and I abandoned them. Don't think business travel is all fancy all the time. 


  1. Loud talkers on a train are SO obnoxious. I actually aid something to someone one time. He talking SO loud on one conference call after another....he wasn't happy, but he shut up.


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