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Strangers on a Train

My weekend ended with a trip to NYC for a meeting on Monday, so I spent this afternoon on an Amtrak regional to the Big Apple (the Acelas were taken out of service because of the cold weather, le sigh).

Normally there are a few good stories from my Amtrak travels, but the people who sat behind me might take the cake as the most memorable people. They started out sitting across the aisle from each other, it was a 24-year-old guy and a woman who looked like she was in her late 20s/early 30s. I hate this word, but douchy is the best way to describe their conversation (which lasted THREE HOURS) (and apologies for the vulgarity of some of it, but listening to it in person was terrrriibbllee, so you get to be spared that )

--"It's not everyday you get to bang a married lesbian." yes, the dude was quite the Lothario. Wait for more of his escapades later on.
--"I gave the bellman a 20 to get me Tylenol. He should be happy, its more than he makes in an hour."

Timeline Friends

Upon moving to a new city, I was asked what I was most afraid of about the move. My answer was "being lonely". I'd never lived in another city before, and since preschool had always had a solid group of friends. While I was moving to a city with friends from college and work, I still didn't have a best friend that I was moving to the same city as. Being lonely was a fear, but a fear I was kind of excited about. Making new friends, my first truly adult friends (where we didn't go through a formative life period together, like college), was an exciting thought.

A recent column from Washington Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax raised a good point. In this particular column, the writer complains that she is the last of her friends to settle down, and that her friends are too busy for her now, and she wanted to know what to do. Carolyn gave a good piece of advice--don't get hung up on timeline friendships.

For the first twenty years of our life, our friends are na…

The Oscars According to Me

I really can't complain about the next six weeks, when we have both the Winter Olympics (which are seeming a bit stressful before the competition even starts) and Oscar season (March 2 in case you were wondering).

I am going into this Oscar season woefully unprepared. I've hardly seen any movies this year (my mother however is super on top of things and only has a few flicks left to see . . . jealous) and I'm also not super-excited about seeing any one film.

That being said, I DO have thoughts on the nominations:

I keep hearing how Tom Hanks was snubbed for Captain Phillips (can't comment on the performance, haven't seen it), BUT I like the Academy spreading the wealth when it comes to actors who are always ah-MAZING (ahem, Meryl Streep). I think that actors like Meryl and Tom are expected to be fantastic, it's just the bar they've set for themselves (and good on them for doing that). That's why it makes it hard for me to support nominating them later in…

Links I'm Liking

It's been a chilly few days here in The District. We set a record yesterday with a windchill in the negative teens. I learned that it's important to layer according to how long you'll be outside. AKA, you'll be a sweaty mess under all those layers when you get to work after being outside for a total of 6 minutes.

Here are a few things I'm liking lately:

I've had many a conversation about friends and how frequently and why we cry. Some friends cry daily, it's just a part of their routine, and others tend to cry due to sad triggers (I tend to lean towards the latter). Real Simple tells us why it's ok to cry, and how it makes us all more human.

I've professed my love for Park and Rec, but if you've missed out, here's a chance to catch up in time for the 100th episode, all within 20 minutes.

Do you know what Girl Code really is? Elle clears this up, as well as "Advanced Woman Code", which we should all really be living by.

Finally, …

A look ahead and a look back . . .