The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As evidenced by my lack of posting, I've been a little busy. Each time I thought of posting, I thought of something else I needed to do that would delay. So a mini-catch-up, and then we're off to the races of the 2013 holiday season:

Thankful for:
  • a full week at home with my family for Thanksgiving. Nothing like taking the family dog out for long walks, running to Target for random odds and ends (yes, suburban Target is a highlight of trips), catching up with a few friends, and even going to a few bootcamp sessions with my old trainers. While I love my DC life, I'm reminded of how happy and full my Dallas life was.
  • A fun Thanksgiving dinner with the larger extended family. So glad we don't have family feuds or drama that keeps us from celebrating the season.
  • Being able to work remotely--I didn't have to take vacation time to go home, my company lets us telecommute at times like this. So thought I was completely slammed at work, I at least got to work from the comfort of my parents' dining room with said family dog at my feet.

Looking ahead to:
  • Holiday Retreat with my co-workers--no holiday party here, a two-day retreat!
  • Fancy Holiday party thrown by friends, sure to be epic
  • Zoo Lights at the National Zoo
  • A trip back home in less than three weeks for the big holiday season

Here's to the next few weeks of holiday fun!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: If I sent Christmas cards, you'd totally be on my list.