Running Just as Fast as We Can

I consider myself a runner--I pay money to run a certain distance, own running shoes, and have a few favorite routes. I don't promote my running status with decals on my car, but I certainly don't hide it when I finish a big race or end up in conversation about it with someone.

So a recent Wall Street Journal article struck a chord with me. It was entitled "Ok, You're a Runner, Get Over It" Essentially, backlash against the decals with "13.1" and race t-shirts.

Here's the thing--running is an active, physical sport. If someone is participating in running events, whether it's a 5k walk or a full marathon, they're doing something beneficial for their body and their mind. Why hate on that? Why roll your eyes at someone's success? If someone wore a shirt that said they quit smoking, or participated in events that encouraged other people to quit, that person would be praised to the ends of the earth. The Facebook Likes would be plentiful.

I don't really care to speculate about the reasoning behind the person writing the article, but I think they deserve a little wake-up call as to what really deserves his ire--and it's not a group of people who can likely outrun him.