Christmas Movies: Kiddie Fun (and my favorite Christmas movie EVER!)

Alright--I think I saved the best for last with this bunch: my favorite kiddie Christmas movies (though some of the "classics" could also be considered kiddie movies too). These movies are ones that were specifically marketed to kiddos, and were a charming part of my childhood:

Home Alone (1&2--let's pretend the series stops there): I remember intense discussion happening with my parents over whether or not I was old enough to see the first Home Alone when it came out (I think I was five or six?). The whole scary-furnace-in-the-basement scene was one of the sticking points, as well as the whole concept of being forgotten by your family and having to fend off intruders. Luckily, my parents decided to be cool and take me to see it.

 The second one has long been my favorite of the two--my mom and I love NYC so seeing it at Christmastime is a ton o' fun, and I just like the overall premise better. But, in recent years the simplicity of the first one has grown on me. And who doesn't cry when Kevin sees his mom on Christmas morning?!

Lady & the Tramp: "What? A Christmas movie?!" you say? Ok, it starts and ends at Christmas, and Lady herself is a Christmas present to her (not-fully-drawn) owner Darling (wife of Jim, Dear). I watched this movie on repeat as a little girl, and it still warms my heart so much. I like to think it provides the dog's point of view to our life (that they see our ankles most of the time, don't understand babies but grow to love them, etc.) and the characters are also a hoot. How's this for meta--I gave my mom a Lady & the Tramp ornament, and we often watch this movie while hanging ornaments. I'll let that sink in. 

Muppet Christmas Carol: Here's the Big Kahuna--my favorite Christmas movie EVER. It's also the first Muppet movie made after Jim Henson's death (Debbie Downer, but we all just learned something, didn't we?). With Kermit as Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy as his wife, Gonzo serving as narrator Charles Dickens, Fozzie as Fezziewig, and too many precious characters and lines to name, this movie tickles me every time. And, it makes 1800s England look REEEAALLL gloomy. Yet I watch it every Christmas Eve and usually sing along to EACH SONG (my parents have long given up on watching this with me every year, and are usually shocked that I still remember all the words to the songs).

Remember, whereever you find love, it feels like Christmas (but you only get presents on Christmas, so . . .  not really).