I blame a lot of things on being "too busy". Not returning phone calls, delaying errands, letting weeks go by without seeing friends.

We're all guilty of it, especially at this time of year when holiday party invitations and present shopping pile up. I found this article from the Harvard Business Review to be a timely reminder of what is making us busy and what "being busy" has become.

What struck me the most was the statement that busyness has become a badge of honor for being. Almost brag-worthy, talking about double-digit hours spent at work, ticking off a to-do list a mile long. But it points out that by saying you're "too busy" to return a phone call or an email, you're saying that your time is more important than the person on the other end, that you're "winning" this ridiculous race we're all competing in, whether we want to or not.

Anyways, worth a read, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed by the holidays . . .