What's happened in the now . . .

I guess I took my last post really seriously and decided to "live in the now" rather than update this. So here's the best of the best . . .

1. A wonderful visit back to Texas to see friends, babies, and celebrate a birthday!

2. Saw Pippin in New York--a show that I didn't know anything about and am now obsessed with. Campy, cheesy, but when its done right, it can be amazing. It's Tony awards are well-deserved.

3. Drinking red wine again (oh yes, must do a post-whole30 post . . . right)

4. My new winter bathrobe arrived and it's pretty much made cold mornings bearable (really, I'm blogging about bathrobes? What next, cats?)

5. A marathon day involving apple-picking, happening upon a vineyard, ending with great seats to the Caps (hockey game). I may have gone to Shake Shack and taken the bus home to round out my evening. At 2 a.m. Whoops.