Living in the Now

For my birthday, I asked my parents for a subscription to Real Simple. I have loved this magazine for so long--I used to snag old issues from my friend's mom and buy the latest for vacations (most girls my age bought Cosmo, I bought Real Simple). To me, it's the perfect balance of applicable lifehacks and good life advice and stories.

The November issue had several great articles (all of which I'll talk about at some point) but one that struck me is about enjoying the present moment. Stopping to literally smell the roses.

I live in my favorite city yet often find myself rushing through it. When was the last time I strolled past the White House? Smiled at one of the Metro musicians playing at my stop? Enjoyed one of the many parks that abound in this city?

The article is really worth a read--it makes you realize how much we're all in transit at all times, thinking about the next thing on our to-do list or the phone call we need to return. It surveys professional athletes, artists, religious figures, therapists, gardeners, teachers about living in the moment and focusing on what's happening now.

So pick up the November issue next time you're at Target and give this article a quick read. Be sure to "soak in the moment" while doing so :-)