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Living in the Now

For my birthday, I asked my parents for a subscription to Real Simple. I have loved this magazine for so long--I used to snag old issues from my friend's mom and buy the latest for vacations (most girls my age bought Cosmo, I bought Real Simple). To me, it's the perfect balance of applicable lifehacks and good life advice and stories.

The November issue had several great articles (all of which I'll talk about at some point) but one that struck me is about enjoying the present moment. Stopping to literally smell the roses.

I live in my favorite city yet often find myself rushing through it. When was the last time I strolled past the White House? Smiled at one of the Metro musicians playing at my stop? Enjoyed one of the many parks that abound in this city?

The article is really worth a read--it makes you realize how much we're all in transit at all times, thinking about the next thing on our to-do list or the phone call we need to return. It surveys professional athlete…

What's on the Bookshelf Lately

Thanks to my library card, I've been a reading machine. So I thought I'd share some hits (and misses) from my Kindle:


My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor: I didn't think I would love a book by a Supreme Court justice. But I finished her memoir wanting to be her friend. And since I know what apartment building she lives in, this could actually happen! (I'm not a stalker, it's fairly common knowledge in DC) She's not a great storyteller, but it feels like you sat down with a friend for a quick chat and looked up five hours later realizing she'd told you about her whole life.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling: It's no secret that I love The Mindy Project. My love extends to this book (actually, I like it even more). This is the book that I wanted Bossypants to be (I was kind of disappointed by Bossypants, I think Tina and I are at different life stages and can't relate to each other). I feel like Mindy hijacked my thoughts and was…

Fade to Black

In case you were living under a rock, a little series called Breaking Bad ended this past weekend. While I've talked about my inability to get into this show, I did watch the last few episodes (gotta be able to make conversation with people and honestly was curious). While the finale seems to be well-received, the general consensus seems to be that it wasn't the best episode of the season, let alone the series.

This got me thinking about the hype and expectations we have for finales of shows. So much emotion already surrounds the episode, as well as the need to tie up all the loose ends, all within the span of a typical episode.

Lately, by the time a show ends, it's gone so far downhill that the final episode is almost a welcome reprieve. So I turned to my Facebook "favorite TV shows" to see how those finales stack up in my humble opinion:

Friday Night Lights: I'm on the record as loving this show so much ("You'll never regret a moment you spent in D…

Happy Fall, Y'all!

I've seen this quote on several blogs today (and you can purchase the printable of the above at this Etsy shop). It's very fitting for my love of autumn and everything that comes with it. And it's from the author of one of my favorite books (Anne of the Island) L.M. Montgomery.

The things I'm looking forward to this month:

--playing my "Fall into Fall" mixed CD, which I made in 2007 and still a winner.
--Two trips back to the great state of Texas to visit family, friends, and a certain cowboy.
--Manicures with dark nail polish (my favorite!)
--Drinking Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Shiner Oktoberfest to my (responsible) heart's content (Day 29 of the Whole 30, folks. The end is nigh)
--A fall foliage trip where I will likely spend the whole time saying "it's just so pretty"
--My Halloween costume (I'm still deciding on it, but will likely share soon)
--College football in full swing.