TV Tuesday: Emmy Edition

It’s no secret that I love me a good awards show. But even I have standards. I don’t watch the VMAs, SAG Awards, People’s Choice, etc. I save my time for the Biggies: Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, and occasionally Tonys (coincidentally, these make up the EGOT quad-fecta for entertainers. Hey, hey Whoopi Goldberg)
So I was prettttyyyy excited about an awards show honoring something that takes up much of my time—the Emmys. But, alas, I was disappointed. A few pros and cons before we move on:
·         Mixing it up! Love it when an upset happens or when someone who should have been honored but hasn’t wins when they least expect it: Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad, The Colbert Report, Buster Bluth Tony Hale for Veep. Heck yes, Emmys!
·         A bit of whimsy. The Emmys actually looked like fun this year, thanks mostly to the winners. Between Julia Louis-Dreyfus making us laugh again (with help from Buster/Tony), Michael Douglas giving a tipsy and double-entendre-filled speech that made Matt Damon blush and the audience cackle, and even Kevin Spacey reprising his House of Cards role in the audience. Awards shows can easily get bogged down and heavy, but I thought these moments were nice.

·         Too much music. This isn’t the Grammys. Why is Elton John singing about Liberace? Why is Carrie Underwood singing at all? Why is there a random choreographed number that struggled to seem relevant? Why, after doing a solid job as host without singing and dancing, did NPH bust out a number just because he’s known for it?
·         Past their prime winners. Modern Family is still decent, but not an Emmy-winner anymore, in my opinion. It seems like the Academy was so emotionally drained by all the good TV this year, that they just circled what they knew. And, while I’m sure Julia Louis-Dreyfus is great in Veep, girlfriend has like four Emmys now. Take your name out of contention and let Amy Poehler win. Same goes for Jim Parsons (and I used to watch BBT!). Love him so much as Sheldon, but time to let others win (I know these actors aren’t to blame, they can’t help it when people vote for them, but still it would be the classy thing to do)
·         Where are the clips? One thing I love about awards shows is the chance to see snippets of the nominees in action. I love seeing the segment they choose for shows I watch, and sometimes I decide to watch a show based on the clip I saw. These were nowhere to be found this year.

But I did love this dress so, so much: