TGIF: Tiptoeing into Fall

So many feelings this week. Starting off with tragedy a few miles from my office is not only a cruel reminder of the world we live in, but also that this city that is sometimes seen as a fortress isn't really.

A few things rounding out the week, hoping for a good weekend:

--A cool, crisp night for the Nats (baseball) game on Tuesday with some girlfriends. So what if we talked more about fashion and fall TV than watched the game? Abe Lincoln won the Presidents' race, and the Nats won the game!

--The Emmy awards this coming Sunday--as my IRL friends know, I'm an awards-show hound, so I'll be watching with snacks (jicama and guacamole? mayhaps . . .)

--Seeing so many friends this weekend! Between birthday parties, football watching, and pre-set plans, I'm going to fill up the friend tank.

--Fall weather making an appearance! I'm wearing pajama pants, riding boots, and light jackets!

--It's also the National Book Festival this weekend? Neat. #ILoveBooks.

Happy Friday, all!


  1. pajama pants tucked into riding boots seems like quite the fashion statement... :-)


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