TGIF: Friday Friends

I've been so lucky over the past month to see so many friends, both near and far. When I decided to move to DC, leaving my friends in Texas was one of the hardest parts. 

This past month brought many friend reunions--visitors to DC and meet-ups in Texas. From devouring jalapenos at my favorite outdoor bar to a lazy lake weekend, I soaked up friend fun with people who've known me since I was a teenager (going on 10+ years of friendship with some of these folks!)

One of my friends put it best, "New friends are great, but there's nothing like an old friend."

--to ask if you brought your TUMS to happy hour, because jalapenos give you heartburn

--to make queso when you're coming over, because it's a day ending in Y

--to reply to "I'll be in the shower" with "seven minutes, right?"

--to participate in many a singalong in the car

--to not bat an eye when you ask her to fix your eyebrows, just like college

--to think it's totally normal to walk into a hotel room and take your shirt off because you're hot from the car ride

--to compliment your boobs

--to ask if you want apples, when she really means Jack Daniels.