Recipe Round-Up: Whole30 Pt. 1

As promised, I wanted to share a few "recipes" I've made while on this Whole30 journey. I used quotes because some are so simple that calling them recipes is almost laughable (like a recipe for a PB&J). But here are the ones that I've made as well as my feedback:

Easy Paleo Chili: my modification, I don't like green bell peppers, so I threw in a can of Rotel. This is such a rich and hearty chili! And makes about seven heaping portions. #AllAboutTupperware

Egg Bake: my modification--I used sausage links (had to read the ingredients on several before I found one without sugar--really?!) and zucchini. Next time, I'll probably use tomatoes or some other vegetable, the zucchini is a little too water-based and made this casserole hard to set.

Pork Roast: I based this off several recipes online about making pulled pork. One of those "not really a recipe" things. I put a few teaspoons of spices like black pepper, garlic salt, onion power in a little bowl and mixed them together. Coarsely chopped an onion. Took a 3.5 lb pork shoulder (from Whole Foods, um, their meat is expensive. Glad this thing is lasting so many meals) and rubbed it with the spice mixture. Put some of the onions at the bottom of the crock pot and then the roast on top. Then added the rest of the onions plus a half cup of water. Cooked on low for 8 hours and then on high for another two hours. Shredded with two forks. This. Is. Amazing. I don't really like onions themselves, and want to eat ALL the onions in this dish. The meat is so tender and flavorful, all with just some spices and onions. I eat it with some Frank's red hot. SO GOOD.

Vegetables: I've been keeping my veggies (which I eat at every meal) pretty simple (how I like them). Mainly roasting in the oven with some spices (though I did use lemon zest last week, fanccyyyyy) or, in a pinch, cooking a sweet potato in the microwave.

I guess the main point of this is, I'm not eating anything crazy or different. Just cooking more, reading the ingredients on things, and simplifying my kitchen. It's nice to go to the grocery store and know that I only need meat/eggs, produce, and spices/condiments.

Also, in big news, my tastes have started to change. The other day, I actually asked for  . . . . avocado in my salad.

I'll let that sink in.


  1. WHAT??????? I had to click through and leave a comment because I'm so astonished! Tastes do change every seven years, welcome to 28!

  2. I know! Avocado is pushed real hard on Whole30 (as a "healthy fat") and I was grossed out. Until I was brainstorming what I wanted on my salad at Chop't last Sunday, and then realized that avocado sounded good . . . and it kind of was? Can't say I want to eat an entire one or anything, but it added a nice . . . something to the salad. #WillWondersNeverCease.


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