Lucky 7

Seven whole days. That’s all that separates me from a big ole glass of wine.

Yes, I am in the single digits in my Whole30 countdown. *Takes Bow*. I have to say, in the past week or so, this whole thing has kicked into autopilot (just as “they” said it would). I don’t give a second thought to piling my cart with veggies, skimming the ingredients list of products for words like “evaporated cane juice” “soy lecithin” and “carrageenan”, and spending a couple of hours on Sunday chopping, roasting, and simmering.  I’ve “rediscovered” natural treats—like a handful of nuts, a bowl of grapes, or an especially good apple. I was even on the phone with a friend the other night and said “Omg, these grapes are just so good,” I couldn’t help it.

Now this is all well and good. But I can not wait for all my favorite foods again—wine (red wine, in particular), a really good baked good, frozen yogurt.

However, what I don’t really care about surprises me: cheese, bread/grains, throwaway sides like fries and rice & beans.

The “reintroduction” phase is slow and steady. Day 1 post-Whole30 you reintroduce dairy. Then you see how you feel over the next two days sans dairy. On Day 4, you reintroduce gluten grains. Then eat Whole30 meals for the next two days and see how your body reacts to the gluten, and so on. Ideally, you can spot what, if any, foods make you feel less than stellar.

But . . . I’m scared. I feel like I’ve developed some great habits here, and that once I reintroduce things it will be “Katie bar the door”. Or, that I’ll reintroduce something and find that I have a really bad reaction, and perhaps have to limit that item.

But that’s all days away. Still have this weekend (with a football watching party and my roommate’s birthday) to get through!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what a few typical days of Whole30 eating look like!


  1. So impressed!!!! Can't wait to hear about the end result.


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