Livin' on a Prayer

Actually the correct title for this post would be "Whooaaa, we're (over) halfway there!"

Yesiree, today is Day 17 of the Whole 30! In the immortal words of Bon Jovi, "we'll make it, I swear".

As excited as I am at being over halfway done, I'm still conscious that there are 13. Days. Left. AND, I finally started looking at the part of the book for "reintroducing" foods. Essentially, every three days, you reintroduce one of the eliminated food groups for one day. Other than that one food group on that one day, you eat Whole30 compliant meals. So, let's just call this the whole30+reintroduction-which-could-last-another-10-days. *crosses arms, makes pouty face*

BUT, let's not get ahead of ourselves. A few notes about the past 17 days:

The Good:

  • The food: I really like everything I've made. I'm so full after each meal, that I don't need a mid-morning or afternoon snack. 
  • My skin is so smooth! Like I was washing my face and thinking "wow!" 
  • My mornings used to consist of me shuffling about my apartment on auto-pilot for the first 30 minutes or so. Now, my eyes literally fly open after being awake for about 90 seconds.
  • Noticed some minor ailments have been alleviated.
  • Appreciating ignored foods. Yesterday at work we had a fruit plate left over from a meeting. The grapes on it looked so good that I made myself a little fruit medley of grapes, apples, and strawberries. Y'all. Those grapes were like the best thing ever. GRAPES. When was the last time I even BOUGHT grapes?! *adds them to grocery list* *hopes they're in season*
  • Avocado. Well, after 28 years of HATING anything avocado (except the color and avocado ranch dipping sauce), the times have changed. Today I had a salad from Chipotle with a big ol' scoop of guacamole, and it was amazing. I even brought guacamole to a picnic last week, and ATE SOME OF IT. Now, let's not get crazy sending me recipes or making guac everytime I come over, it's a new relationship, don't want to scare it away.

The Bad:
  • Fresh food is expensive. Eating produce at every meal costs $$$. Hence why I've probably spent more than two times my monthly grocery budget already. 
  • Man, I really want a glass of wine. Like so bad sometimes. Always in social situations, though, which is good, and I really don't mind drinking club soda the next day, when I don't have a headache and still have all my money (if a place makes me pay for club soda, I curse them).
  • Man, I really want a bite of that cookie. The sugar cravings can be ridiculous. And, though you're allowed to eat Larabars on Whole30, they really discourage them except for emergencies, because they can feed the "sugar dragon". 
  • Man, I really miss milk in my coffee. Like this is the only dairy item I miss (um, hello, what happened to my love of cheese?). I'm probably over-hyping how tasty milk in my coffee is. But trips to Starbucks are way lame when you're just getting tea. 
  • The "what will I eat?!" conundrum. Every trip to a restaurant becomes a frantic googling of the menu to see what is compliant, or what I can amend to make it compliant. Cut to a waitress refusing to tell me what is in a salad dressing, and a waiter telling me he isn't responsible for my "off-recipe" mussels (I asked for no butter when they were steamed. Groundbreaking)
Tomorrow I'm going to a party where I'll be BYOLC (Bring Your Own La Croix) and DRIVING me and the roommate there and back. No Metro/cabs/Uber for us.